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  1. Hello guys, Does the handling system already work? http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... ta#p300085 Jeespwnd
  2. Hello, I wanna change some vehicles, but not all the engine functions are written down on wiki. HandlingSetEngineAcceleration -> the only one Can you tell me all the engine functions, so I can change the top speed etc. And is it possible to change the engine settings for 2 players with the same vehicle, so I can let one go faster than the other. Thanks!
  3. Jeespwnd

    Mod CJ?

    Hello, How do I mod CJ? I want to replace some TXD files, but I don't know the ID of his face, legs, torso and feet... Can some on help me please? Thanks!
  4. Yes, but can I create a new vehicle? Not in stead of another vehicle
  5. Hello Is it possible to add some extra models to my server. So I can add some extra vehicles? Thanks!
  6. Hello How do I jail someone until he has al the resources downloaded? Thanks!
  7. Hello all, My second question: Is is possible to change the maximum speed by the server? Jason
  8. Hello, I'm new to MTA (played MTA Race, that was verry cool ) and I want to make a MTA server. But I have a few questions: * Is it possible to make client-side car mods (for example) and make it necessity to have that mod to play on my server? So the server sends all my mods to the client. * Is it possible to make a bigger count of vehicles than the default game has. * Is it possible to let the server make a connection to my own MySQL database? Thanks! Jason BTW: I'll check wiki, but If you have any tips/tricks tell me
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