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  1. ok i will try that but got to have a game of counterstrike!
  2. Guys do u think i would hav to download mtaserver.exe (patch)
  3. i kno i installed it with no mods onit? I think it was still on my pc the mod files and probably thats y it wont work. Also single player doesnt work i tryed it nuthin happens.
  4. i located the folder of Gta vice city user files but its not called Gta vice city user files its called Gta LC user files which was deleted ages ago. Also there was a file inside it called GTAVCsf1.b, should i delete this? Would this solve my problem?
  5. You kno wen u say :well delete the file again if its still in there then if u have ati graphics card u got to the ati site, if u have nvidia then u go to there site, and after u deleted that file. Which file do u mean gta-vc.set?
  6. So Brophy do i hav to update my drivers? O yeh i hav deleted that file and then i went on mta and clikced start game nuthin happened. Can u help me out m8 i really wanna play this
  7. man ive already deleted that but it wont work. Ive got a no-cd crack, would i need the real version? or would i need to put in my disc to play it??
  8. Hey, french guy ive found something that may help but it doesnt help me: Q: I am getting an Unhandled Exception crash when loading the game or when I click the "Start New Game" button (entering into a new game), what is wrong? A: There are many reasons why this could happen and we will try to outline the most common solutions below: - We recommend having a clean install of GTA:VC so that it does not interfere with any other mods. Having mods will result in NOT able to play MTA. - You have not selected the proper version of the game or your version is not supported. To select a version, op
  9. ive had the same issue and its been 3 days that i havent solved it
  10. man ive jus tryed that site and its only a chattin server no1 was speaking o me. That site wasn't helpful. :@
  11. StonedKiller


    cant help u mate i got a same problem
  12. Hi, i installed Mta for gta vc and i got i clicked on the program and i put in my nickname and then i clicked on servers then double clicked a server then it sed Warning:Your Vice City game version could not be be determined (defaulting to version 1.0). then i clicked ok. then i clicked on a server to play on then i clicked start game and then it sed find gta.exe to play on then i located that then i clicked start game and nothing happened. Plz help me ive been trying to work this out for days plz help me.
  13. hey man, its not doing anythin. I clicked start game and nuthin happened it flicked the screen again.
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