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  1. o ya i guess i forgot to tell u, i don't play mta anymore and when(i mean if) I do i'll be playing indepently(no clan). so this is {VCL}MR.T's resignation from this clan. i never see any VCL members playing so I think you got a dead clan here anyways. o ya and i'm quiting WR aswell, although that never even got launched, lol anyways, I guess I won't be playing with u guys anymore cya all!!
  2. i don't remeber anything about stealing money then going to the docks and it is posible to get there in 12 seconds(i think, never tried)
  3. HAHAHAHA!!! now if only it was for sale!
  4. hahaha! I'll buy one! WOOT T-Shirt for me(if they make one lol)
  5. wow! i'm from the good ol' Ontario too!! this might be a sign
  6. lol Bishop i have no idea what you just said or what ur talking about but...i agree
  7. wow i was looking over that MTA team page and, i am glad to be Canadian! the lead programmer(Cray) is Canadian! wow if you are reading this Cray...... I idolize you!
  8. ya i looked there but it dosn't provide names, just "our webmater" or "an interested person" etc.
  9. who started MTA? whos idea was it to make a Vice City MP mod in the first place? I know alot of people helped in the making of MTA, but i would like to personally congratulate the person who thought of this(not like it would mean much to them )
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