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  1. I Dont Play CS That MucH
  2. CAn You Find Waldo In Less Then A Minute Try It! Take this Link. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/flash/waldo.html
  3. Has Any Body Played CSS. Its Online U Can Get Alot Of Guns And Its The Ownage.This Game Rocks Have Any Of U Played It?
  4. Brophy Sabre Turbo is Better Than Stinger lool
  5. My Favorite Car Is Use To Be The Admiral, But Now Its The Banshee Or The StingeR. Their Both So fast I Cant Decide Wich if neither of them the Sabre Turbo.Whats Your Favorite Car?
  6. I Played On Partyserver since I began playing MTA.
  7. I Play MTA Only 4 Like 1 Hour. If It Wasnt 4 Crash Would Never Get Stop Playing Lool
  8. So Its Not A Glitch? LoL... But TY 4 that other glitch KunG loool
  9. I found Out Abaut This New Glitch In MTA:VC Get On A Bike And Wen the bike is running tap 9 key fast and your MPH will go up very fast look at your MPH by hitting 0
  10. Man On MTA:Blue There Should Be Less Glitches Because Everytime I Spawn Robber People Are GlitchinG.WTF is That.Im overhere playing without glitching and people are glitching this had to STOP
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