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  1. Good to see more people are posting again, it was sooo quiet after the nonsense flamewar... it looked like everyone dumped MTA but it doesnt look like anymore
  2. I'm afraid you are one of the a few people who doesn't get the point of releasing it... The racemode is not a final MTA release. It's not like we're going to stick to racing. It's because we want to show what we currently have, and btw, MTA racing is actually quite fun even though it may not sound like it is. Especially dogfighting... Dogfighting looks nice to me...
  3. That's another extreme and it's also faulty logic. You are a customer or consumer (so to speak) of online GTA games. Play the best one at the time and enjoy it. If there are two good ones play them both. That's what I plan on doing. Picking one or the other feeds into this Hatfield and McCoy situation where people get mad at MTA when SA:MP does something good. It's illogical and stupid. Respect anyone who gives of there time to make a fun game for you to play and play whatever makes you happy but don't exclude one because the other was around longer. I didn't get mad at Pepsi when Di
  4. Sweet progress... But i dont get one thing.. Could there be planefights in the air while there is racing going on the ground? Would be funny, ur racing and trying to lose an oponnent ( ram him or sumthin ) and look above and u see a hydra flying over 2 meters above u and it goes up again with high speed, wud be cool. And maybe u can synch a driveby or something, that u can have a passenger, a friend, in ur car and he can shoot at other cars tires and they have also a passenger, they shoot at u. Not synch a whole DM with much weapons but i mean only a Uzi or sumthin, u and ur passenger have
  5. Ofcourse! We have a neat Quick Connect button if you want to connect to the server by IP over LAN. I will eventually do a LAN button on the client server browser aswell. Sweet
  6. Nice blog ChrML i have much respect for ya btw do u know the word WTF is hidden in the calendar
  7. Finally some people are doing nice again I support both teams and i will look whats better when it comes out
  8. Alpha is the stage before beta most alpha's are veerrry buggy so it doesnt look like a good idea to me
  9. I agree with blokker that this must stop, you guys are soooo mad on MTA because u only saw another mod what is a bit better? ok i agree that a race mod is not everything and ive seen VC-MP videos the official and unofficial, theyre great i agree but it doesnt mean u must spam/disrespect the MTA team. i dont know what mod will be better but i will see. I cant even code a line so i dont know if im going to use MTA:SA but ill see. Why dont u guys stop spamming/disrespecting here and just w8 what looks better for you when it comes out
  10. What about the name "ServerSecure" f*ck the word punk in those scripts/programs always a lot of shit talks bout it
  11. there definately needs to be an armor bar, if u shoot at some1 now it looks the same as the normal health, maybe not an apart bar but just the bar is entire white if they have armor and goes down, if its up, the normal health bar appears ( /me likes the one kenny added, it looks like the one in sa-mp )
  12. Why dont use the standard health and armor bars from SA and put the number of health and armor next to it ? the name of the player could be above it, like: 100 % | (standard health bar) 100 % | (standard armor bar)
  13. I had norton systemworks 2005 before ( dont have it anymore ) and i had to install updates so i downed the updates but there was 1 update for norton goback ( recovery program ) and i didnt install that one because i updated that before and it takes sooo long to install that update, i had to go off the pc so i thought: i install that update tommorow. The rest of the updates i installed ( took 30 secs ). When i tried to start the pc next day, i got 45 fckin errors of norton goback, everytime the pc got to the login screen of windows xp, it crashed again and restarted and got 2329786 f*ckin erro
  14. k agree that with you. But i wouldnt mind if its above the player.
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