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  1. This is pissing me off and I don't know what's causing it. I go to the servers tab, the little blue bar loads, finishes, loads again but every server is STILL unscanned with everything blank except for the country (which seems to be correct...wierd). I don't know how to fix this, sometimes restarting MTA works, sometimes hitting refresh a few times works but latley it has been taking longer and now it doesn't seem to work at all! I checked known issues, nothing. EDIT: pings are varied and seem to be correct as well. They change with every refresh.
  2. Huh, I went to look for your server just now and I can't seem to find anything...The server I found listed on your forums (in someones sig), the IP didn't work for that one. Can someone post it for me?
  3. I want to tryout, I'll drop by your server later today/tonight.
  4. Hey thanks And I figured out what was crashing it in the first place, XFire!
  5. Ah yes, I was using the Crusader career! That's to bad, it's my favorite career so far lol. And I didn't know about the GTA3 part, do I need a seperate 1.1 GTA3 patch or does the one I downloaded work? I would think there would be 2 different ones but I didn't see anything about a GTA3 1.1 patch...ah well I'll check again. And thanks for your help!
  6. ***FIXED*** no idea what happened....it just started working? lol I'm kinda disappointed that people just run around randomly killing people even the people on there own "team" would be nice if people worke together. Also I always get kicked for "suspected trainer" now I know that is a cheat, and I sure as hell don't have any cheats. And sometimes the game will CTD with some message about auto reporting crashes was disabled in version .5 or something, I don't really know.
  7. Just tried it again...I don't kow why but this time it loaded up, I went to start game>Start Multi Theft Auto it loaded all the way to the end of the pink bar THEN CTDed, hey, progress!! I didn't do anything except try to play MTA with GTA3 but that didnt work at all, kept saying i had chosen an invalid exe....which I hadn't lol.
  8. I don't know what a custom speed o meter is lol, and I don't know about the drivers, I'm pretty sure they're up to date but no other game is CTDing, including VC single player....
  9. No luck, still crashes I have the correct version selected and no, I'm in the US and bought the game here so I'm pretty sure it is a US exe....
  10. Ok I've looked around the forums and have run the game in SP before trying to run MTA. So I connect with the MTA app. and connect to a server, great, so I click start game and go to the Rockstar>VC folder and start up the game, goes over the opening movies and then to the loading screen for a split second and crashes back to desktop. I do not have 1.1 because I was going to download it...but there were warnings all over the page warning me not to download if I don't have graphics corruption, which I don't. So, any suggestions? This seems really cool and I want to try it! Thanks.
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