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  1. not quite the chicken race I think he had in mind. more like the stuff you see in old "Happy Days" styled movies where two cars race towards a cliff to see who chickens out first and turns away. Of course I just realized why this wouldnt work The whole deciding factor is fear of death, which is absent from GTA. Each race would be a tie because neither player really cares if they die, they'll just pop right back for another race.
  2. Lol. The Weinermobile. When my friends and I play multiplayer in San Andreas, we like traveling around in the weinermobile because its like a mobile health station. You can drive along, stop, get in a gunfight, buy a hotdog, and keep on going. I wonder if we'll see strategic uses of this vehicle in mta.
  3. lol thats good, but I would much rather race towards a big cliff, like the ones over in the southwest corner. I dont know if there are any long stretches leading up to a cliff like that but it would be a lot more satisfying. Actually yes I do but its not in the badlands. Theres a farm on a cliff overlooking a small town in the countryside north of Los Santos. Its got a pretty good stretch before the cliff, and whoever loses flies off the cliff explodes and dies rather than floating to the bottom of the water.
  4. thats a pretty good idea. I like that.
  5. Well I guess thats all I can think of for now. Keep posting any thoughts you may have and I look forward to seeing you all in San Andreas. I'll be the one standing naked on top of cluckin bell screaming "I am the other white meat!"
  6. hmm. never noticed that. I just thought of a good game mechanic. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the enemy tags you can spray over. Well, is it possible to make these objects invisible so that it appears that you are just tagging a wall? Then another player with a different color spraypaint could tag over it. It would be similar to Grafiiti matches in Tony Hawk, where whoever has the most tags of their color wins the round. Of course, you could just make this a small addition to the game itself, without making it an actual game mode, so that players could choose to tag buildings for t
  7. yes i'm sure that everyone was itching to say that. not really. skin, model, whatever. you obviously got the gist of it
  8. alright. I will continue to keep this conversation free of spooky wares and I appreciate your feedback on which GTA I should buy. I always loved the city Liberty way better than Vice anyway. Hey, I have been wondering about this for a while and I just remembered it. Nothing against CJ, but not everyone is going to want to play as CJ, even if you can customize his clothes. Is it possible to change the skin of your character, while retaining the ability to change clothes? That way players could choose a skin, then customize their clothes, so in theory you could have an old lady with a do-rag
  9. lol ok then. though I am hoping for a burned copy of a game, that doesnt really make it a ware since its not a pirated program, but instead a legitamate backup of a bought copy of a disk, and though I'm sure Turd got really fired up to argue over software piracy, I dont even know anything about it.
  10. OMG no warez!!!! If I understood that I would probably still be confused by it.
  11. I've never played the GTA3 servers, but I'm considering buying GTA3 now, since its only 10 bucks. Besides, I dont actually own Vice City anyway. I borrowed it and installed it, and am currently waiting for a burned play disk. It would be cool, if possible, to arrange Co-Op Mission servers, so that people could help each other out in the missions somehow. Of course, this would probably be complicated, since certain players would have acess to different missions than other players, but it would be cool to have a kind of mutual gain from co-operating on certain missions so that all of the player
  12. Well, even though that would be cool, I'm sure there would be some servers that would want to turn off the npcs anyway for some classic empty city San An survivor stuff.
  13. oops right. thats what i thought. Well, I'm excited about this, even if I probably wont be shelling out 50 bucks for a game I already own.
  14. I've seen cars with multiple passengers Well that sucks. i can never get in the backseat for some reason if theres already a guy in there. maybe im doing something wrong. I haven't played SA yet but don't you have RPG-like stats relating to fitness and strength etc? If so, someone further in the game is likely to have better stats. Also, I've heard some people say that they've played it on the PS2 and they can't be bothered to go through the single player game again on PC but they'll buy it for the multiplayer. I think a better way would be to have a set of credits or money when you sta
  15. Oh well, these are hard times for us poo folk, they aint no denyin that Regardless, I'd like to make a few more suggestions for MTA:SA. You say that San Andreas could likely hold up to 60 players at a time? Now that makes things a bit more interesting. It seems like this would mean a lot fewer servers, maybe four official MTA servers tou house the majority of players, much like an mmo works. Sure, there would still be servers run by individuals, but the majority of game traffic would go to the official ones. I've noticed that in MTAVC there can only be one passenger, even if there are four
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