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    kthnx Im not using a different identity
  2. if you turn you swag ooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn then you turn it turn it up yeee yeeaaheeeeeeeeee The you can be his friend But dont harras him before yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu get a "Ya Bitch/Trick YAhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" But you should know how to crank ppl like spiderman, supernam, spongebob, roosevelt, iceman
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    ok, thanks Blokker and i want to apologize for the problems caused due to the ordeal
  4. Hackrs just simply gets banned -.-
  5. Its has been a shitload for me since July 2009 Have you ever been in that postion? Well, Mine start like this. I have returned to Jamaica for summer holidays. I was anticipating for this moment. I was playing CnR Crazybobs Cops and robbers Valhalla and Ultimate Global Tours. You know, Being the tard, I rule break, like bull snake. I impersonated Crazybob in CnR and cheated with minigun. Then I moved to impersonating players. The I ban evaded and finally bug abuse. I was rage ban in which i ban evading and get another range ban. I had a hard time getting re-admitted because the players hated
  6. XBOXS ARE THROWBACK FROM THE 2005`s It cannot support excessively high amounts of data for a multiplayer game And not even modified versions will accpet MTA data.
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    MTA and SAMP

    MTA is more stable than sa-mp 0.3
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    I was akicked today for no reason by chanserv
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  10. Mul_Tsafe

    WHY SO?

    I have must be still living in 2007, LOL
  11. Mul_Tsafe

    WHY SO?

    why is Mta:sa Race 1.1.2 and MTA SA 1.0.2 a seperate download
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    Lol, I am at college i invited my friends and they come up in there with their trolling Im not making any excuse And I have improved beyond the extra ordinary
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    i was banned for trolling. please unban
  14. I have a lot of questions. should I get it and what version i should get
  15. I would wanted esc pause to be enable so that I can work while playing mta
  16. Mul_Tsafe

    MTA IV

    MTA IV I think you need to start develop that what u guys think?
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