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  1. Lazlo is full of shit. This is not his clan. I try not to curse, but hes not the leader. I am the creator, and leader. I have people who can back me up. And thank you for pointing out the obvious truth, this dickwad is a nub.BTW, Homer89 and pml are on my side, they can back me up too. GTAMAN, never heard of him. But this is MY clan.
  2. The {VCS}Vice City Slayers clan has been doing bad lately. We started a while ago, but it has fallen apart.Many members have left, and I'm looking to rebuild the entire clan, and take over. I wont be recruiting just yet, just letting you guys know who the true leader of VCS is. It is me, The Dude. Some say we are a hacker clan, thats not true. But I do sometimes launch a stunt server, and I allow car map and skin mods there. I dont allow any hacking, trainers, or anything that will ruin the game for other players. A n00b going by the name "VCS-Lazlo" or "nu773r" might try to lie about me, say
  3. For some reason I am supposed to be banned from AA server? For kicking 2 flaming n00bs. And some pussy named "eatshit" must have started this, by making it look worse than it is.
  4. All I need is a tutorial on how to upload a script into my server, and links to everything I need.I appreciate the help. EDIT:didnt notice I posted in wrong area. please move this, and sorry for the inconvience.
  5. I have no idea whats going on. I made my own server. Things were going pretty good. Until my clan members and loyal players started getting banned. My password didnt leak. I empited the Banned.lst file using word and notepad. But about every 10 mins, it fills up with IPs. I tried deleting it, but it just reappeared in the folder. Can someone please help me? My clan leader uses mtama and he said it banned him cause it thought he was a bot. I really need help on this.
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