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  1. I can't finalize this "merger" if k00ner doesn't reply in msn. Even when his status is set to online.
  2. Get some hackers of your own. To take care of the "g00ns".
  3. gl, your gonna need it.
  4. Wheres your fucking evidence? I dont like it when a n00b (probably eatshit himself) accuses me of something. I've never even been to the FKU server, but I pwned some of its members in other servers, so maybe thats why my IP resides in your banned.lst. First someone trys to take my clan, now someone is accusing me of speedhacking. Where is the hole where you asswipes are crawling from?
  5. Thank you for that outlaw, I only thought he was a snitchy, whiny prick at first. But now he hacks, theres no way you can keep him there. I think another nick I've seen him use is "eshef"
  6. Woohoo!!Cry me a river.To see a video of what lazlo looks and sounds like infront of his pc go to http://pwned.nl BTW, stop making new hotmail accounts just so you can IM me you freak.
  7. VCS better not be anywere in the title of the server. Just a reminder, its my clan, and I run the official VCS server. 'Nuff said.
  8. {VCS}TheDude killed Vicer. (Force lightning)
  9. Get a life dude, its some crappy clan and stop unblocking me on msn telling me what to say. Thats what I call continuing an arguement. You didnt prove anything, besides the fact that your an idiot. Now let this be the end.
  10. Let me see.... all of your "evidence" is bullshit. Uncircumstantial, as they say in court. Idiot. Quit your moronic posts.
  11. Your the one who added me to your msn.
  12. I couldnt have said it any better. Thank you. EDIT: Would you believe this psycho also created a site about VCS?
  13. Thanks. I look forward to playing in your server again.
  14. Hopefully, we can merge clans. Me and Kooner havent worked out the specifics, he needs to sign in msn. And southern, I try not to flame somebody I dont really know, but QUIT IT. Run off with your pal Lazlo and leave my clan alone. YES, I did create the clan.
  15. Thank you for clearing that up outlaw. He instigated my admin privileges being stripped away from me. I wasnt in the server to defend myself. I kicked a few admin flamers, is that so bad?
  16. rofl *takes screen shot of msn window* http://img96.echo.cx/my.php?image=lol4ju.jpg Wheres the proof? Even if that was real, theres nothing there that proves nu773r/lazlo is the leader.
  17. Dude are you insane? You are nu773r ffs. Quit this. It's annoying me. It's my clan. I made it. Thats the bottom line.
  18. Sorry about that. Admins, lock please. And the AA/VCS merger isnt exactly final. Kooner hasnt been in msn in a while, and their servers are down.
  19. You already tried that trick. It wont work.
  20. I guess I was half right. Only somebody else made the fake chat log. Nice try southern. Can we end this pointless debate? We all truly know its my clan. I dont have time for this. I have a clan to bring back to glory. Your a stain on the body armor of VCS. I want you to admit it is not your clan. A full confession.
  21. Whoa, your really making my defense easy. Noobish posts, no evidence.
  22. Not to me. I don't like it when a crazy n00b who wanted to be in my clan, lies saying its his. He had NOTHING to do with its creation. He has made countless threats, the various times hes been to my server. One time he said he would make a fake chat log, and post it here.
  23. Does anybody else notice this? Souther Finest is obviously a personal friend of lazlo. This topic should be sent to the trash can, lazlo should be banned. I am the SOLE creator and leader of VCS.
  24. Typing in caps, doesnt mean you created/lead VCS. Face it, your just some lonely prick who wanted to be in the clan. I told you NO, so know you think you can take my clan from me.
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