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  1. One less hacker, modder, game crasher, piece of crap on the planet. Sounds good to me. I'm glad his clan is dead, their worthless hackers.
  2. Lonely sh**head hacks their site cause they dont want his fat ass around. F**king psycho ***hole. Not to worry, I'm pretty sure the actual project itself is quite safe. I really wish that **shole would off himself... do us a big favor
  3. I don't mean to brag, but I'm a killing machine with the M4. I accept nothing less than headshots when tagging law enforcement, gangs, and peds.
  4. Well, how can we be sure that exploding gas tanks will be synced? And it's still a tad unbalanced. Even in mta:vc(which I love btw) things are a little bit unbalanced with the car n00bs. If exploding gas tanks are coded and synced, I welcome it, and I think it adds a needed level of strategy, versus just shooting the crap out of their tires then other parts of their car like in mta:vc.
  5. Yes, I tried to keep it a secret..but..... VCS is dead. We have taking too much of this crap. I still own VCS, but I am "retiring" it. I am the founder of the cross client clan(from MTA to SA-MP), [LVM]Las Venturas Mafia. Homer, Elite, and 8Ball will most likely still be in the clan. Lazlo is a scum to these boards, a disturbance to all, with his n00bish posts and outrageous claims. Lazlo, get your own clan.
  6. I am the creator of VCS. I've had enough of your crap Lazlo. Give it up lamer. Here are the real members of VCS. Creator/Leader-TheDude Generals-Homer89, Elite Soldiers-8Ball Thanks to your pointless flaming, you have caused a rift in the clan. I have had to ban many members thanks to you. Me and the other members will rebuild the clan. But were taking a break for the summer. Now get lost Lazlo, you will never be part of any of my clans. I am asking you nicely, quit this. You dont want to piss me off.
  7. YOU FUCKING RETARD. YOU ARE NOT IN VCS. YOU NEVER WERE. YOU NEVER WILL BE. Admin/mod please close this thread...I am the creator/leader of VCS and plenty will back me up on this.
  8. Bad idea. Bad enough we have car n00b pussies who just stay in their cars and car kill, now they have more incentive to stay in their cars. Unless car interior hit detection is synchronized, then its not a good idea. If some fag is just parked there plugging me full of holes, I want to tag his ass right back.
  9. I have made a bunch of mods. Check them out at the site in my sig. From putting all deleted vehicles back in the game to modding virtually any car at Loco Low.
  10. From the looks of it, hes just some fat, stinky, lonely, prick who will never get near a piece of *****.
  11. This is hilarious. Just like a GTA mission. SA-MP was months away from release...Can't wait to see what the MTA team has to say
  12. Well, hes an asswipe, what more could you say?
  13. How about the abandoned gang mansion on Prawn Island? The one where you fly in a heli with Lance, in the single player missions.
  14. I had to recently do a severe downsizing of VCS thanks to that prick Lazlo. We are going to make a "comeback" hopefully, so can we have the Pole Position?
  15. Well, I'm not a fucking idiot, I dont install or open something I didn't download, and I wouldnt accept anything through msn from that asshole. And dont think I forgot about the fact that you and him are pals.
  16. Well, to be honest, neither are you for opening this 'desktop hijacker'. Also, he's not a hacker; he sent you a file that he downloaded, and you were stupid enough to open it. Nice try, but no, I didnt open anything at all. I'm not an idiot k? I was ingame(SA:PC) testing out a mod I made, and I IM'd him, to tell him, and thats when it happened, he didnt send me a file, I always knew he was a hacker, so I never accepted any files from him, and windows never asked me if I wanted to install or dl anything. I guess reporting to the feds is a silly idea, but theres other things I can do to get ba
  17. I hate that little cocksucker, is there a government site or something that I can give his IP to?
  18. gl........But I look at one of your members, and I think, you'll need more than luck.
  19. Well, the kid obviously isnt the brightest light on the christmas tree. He actually joined my site a few weeks before today, so that's where I got his IP.
  20. Hopefully he doesn't have a dynamic IP, but I traced the one I posted above, and it says he lives in Richmond, Virginia. I knew he was a hacker before he did this to me, so I never invited him to any of my servers, so I can't tell if he has a dynamic.
  21. How's the clan/servers going? I've been out of mta the past week, modding SA:PC, today I finally restored all the deleted vehicles(andromada,SWAT Tank,FBI Truck) and will release a mod allowing you to man these vehicles soon. I will return to mta soon.
  22. {VCL} Clan is led by a hacker. His nick is {VCL}Stewie3, and sometimes he uses the aliases {VCL}Billy, and Someone. For no reason, he sent me a desktop hijacker, and locked my desktop properties with a horrible desktop, and he sent me adware,spyware, and a keylogger. Luckily, he's a n00b hacker, and I easliy got rid of all of that in a few minutes. I'm not making a statement about the VCL CLan, but only it's leader, they may be a good clan, but Stewie must be taken care of. I will not retaliate this time, even if I DO have his IP, so I will post it: He also ALWAYS hacks in MTA
  23. Far from done. Your the one full of shit, you stupid fucktard. You have no proof I even went to your shitty server. You have no proof its even yours. So go fuck off and try to accuse someone else. I've had enough of dickwads like you. NOW its done.
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