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  1. Inactivity? My ass! MTA VC always had more players than VC-MP from Fall '06 on. Sure things weren't as big as they were in 2005, but in 2007 I could still easily find an MTA VC server with players. I could start a server and still have random people join. SA-MP, VC-MP, and MTA:SA cannot compare to the awesomeness that was MTA:VC/MTA:3. This is B U L L S H I T. Anyway, I see it was Yahoo who took down ASE. So, F U C K YAHOO. Ok, I feel better now. Now everyone, go back to your dated 4 year old San Andreas and act as if it's still new tech. Have fun.
  2. A beta which we're gonna wait over a year for.
  3. This is f**king GTA, not Need For Speed. We dont want to race. We want to kill...
  4. Good to see other SA clans forming, but dont count on MTA:SA coming out anytime soon. I'd suggest waiting till the sa-mp team decides to get their own forums, and trying there. Either way, dont expect too much, I believe both teams are awaiting the new patch/m-rated exe, so they've quit developing until then.
  5. Some respect is due to MTA for what they've done... up to 0.3 that is. You guys have partly become the Nintendo of GTA Multiplayer clients. You had some great releases in your beginning, but now that we see your pointless "innovative" ideas, and what others can do, we just dont care anymore. The only way your not like Nintendo, is that they actually still have some good releases now and then, and they actually have people who care about what their developing.
  6. 18 months? What bulls**t. SA-MP will be out by August or September, and you actually think people are gonna give a crap about blue? Who gives a sh** about racing? You can do it in MTA:VC!!
  7. ROFL N00B LOOK AT THE PIC OWN3D U NOOB Funny... how retards can't understand when someone is not really being serious...naturally your low IQ limits your ability to think... and to remember that there is a such thing as a password protected server, so you can test mods with REAL clan members, such as Homer 89. You'll always be a patethic n00b, and you will never own anybody...
  8. I always knew TLR was desperate for members. The Last Resort= recruit shitty, n00b, low IQ members. Now you finally admit its my clan. Maybe you can stop making stupid thread you little fag. You dont have proof that I hack and mod. Fucking retard forgets that I have his IP....
  9. Lol, sort of MTA bounty hunting. And it is an older pc njr, so what do you expect
  10. I just remembered about another long hated hacker I have had the unpleasure of encountering in MTA. He goes by the nick ABBAJABBA, DarkReign27, and any nick including Dark and 27, and Nirvana. He was on my server months ago, and he was hacking, I told him to quit it. But he didnt, so I banned him. Then he came right back into the server, and I banned him over and over again. He just kept on changing his IP. I tried a host ban, but the script wasnt working right that day. Well, I encountered him again, today, and heres a pic of the desktop on one of my older pc's. If you look in the chat window
  11. My point exactly.... sort of
  12. Get lost dickhead, its my clan. Also, you made a mistake joining my site, not only did I ban you as soon as you did, but you forget about admin options that I have....and the things I can view about members, such as IP's... so DONT FUCK WITH ME.
  13. gl to you, your definitely gonna need it.
  14. Your a fucking idiot. Get lost dickwad, noone wants to read your idiotic posts...
  15. fine, i WILL go lick his gf's 7(/\)@7. *Forced laugh
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