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  1. opium: n00bie: Rob - {VCD}Rob NJR. Yeah, you could shoot with stubby while walking, m60, m4, nades, fire, every weapon. It looked kinda wierd on UR screen tho, cuz it looked like you were holding out the weapon, while shooting it, it was like, wierd, but it DID work, you should walk n shoot with shotty, stubby, all other weapons. And I've played MTA since .3 LOL @ hackers can make ur comp a bomb pic.
  2. I don't think it's POSSIBLE with the m60 tho. that wierd ass nade glitch is totally different...cuz it has different weapon.dat attributes. At least my name isn't opium.
  3. Exactly. Way to Beat me to the point scar!
  4. I saw it. There is no glitch that can do that. I saw it frame by frame on virtual dub, and it clearly shows him moving and shooting with an M60, which is impossible. It should be a modified weapon.dat that allows him to possible run with an M60, and probably run with a stubby, because when I saw him using the stubby, he didn't have that slight pause to switch glitch. Sorry bout the double post, but njr posted 5 millaseconds after me. Yes, he was moving and shooting with the M60. I know this is ONLY possible via mod. Back when I modded for a SHORT TIME in .4, A friend modded my weapon.dat, and I was somehow able to walk and shoot with "big guns" Just so this doesn't start any "OMG U HACK" flames...let's get it str8... I only modded in .4 for 1 week or so. End of line.
  5. 1. I'm not a bitch. 2. He fired about 5-6 shots in most the clips the video was made up of. And it didn't steadily go down, r33ds health went down roughly 35-40 damage each. So if some of the bullets were cancelled, that means r33d only saw 2-3 hit him....and he lost about....80 health, or died. I've listened to all explaintions jammin. so far, I'm not seing anything that supports the notion of it not being a mod / alteration / w/e u wanna call it.
  6. I hope I don't get in trouble for releasing this awesome preview material.... http://img146.echo.cx/img146/8842/roflthings9rk.png
  7. yes. same thought here. Nobody said I'm smart.
  8. idk. this WOULD explain a lot of things. perhaps he could reveal his move to "Mr.Bump" who would agree not to tell others about it, but to also verify that it's not a mod. then Mr.Bump would test the move on say....black dragon. and if he moves like r33d does, and dragon confirms that....we no it's not a mod. AREN'T I SMART?!?!?!!
  9. This is unusually interesting... The only thing I could conclude is either: A. It is a modification OR B. Some glitch caused him to see ur M60 as a python, considering the rate at which he took the damage was timed ABOUT the same as a python shot, it's FEASABLE. I suggest the MTA crew give us some info on whether or not idea B is possible.
  10. liek, omg! MTA comes out tomoz!?!?! /me craps himself jk.
  11. No way you saw that one billion times. I don't believe it edit: Thanks for letting me know you are a pauser Rob I make sure I'm in a remote area, like cortezes boat, or I fly to the top of a building, then set my status to away, then say, "gotta take a phone call, brb guys" Then pause. I AM NOT A PAUSER, AND I DON'T PAUSE DURING FIGHTS. Just 4 the record.
  12. A few questions, if you can't answer, just tell me, and don't worry, none of the questions is "LIEK< OMG< WHEN R U D()()DS GONNA REALEASE?!?!?!!!11eleventeen" 1. Any Chance we could see a set of busses? I know a lot of the MTA community would die @ the site of 2-3 busses behind the malibu. Also, any chance you guys could make the busses seat more than 4 ppl? 2. Do you guys have any official comments to the ppl who are going to riot about the Re-realease of the Spaz? ( Personally, I think it's a gr8 Idea ) 3. Any official comments on what you guys think about the stability of the boats? Will it be synced enough to say, shoot another person, from your boat, or shoot their boat till it blows? 4. Any chance at all that we could add a Blue Police Cheetah inside that "box' area behind the biker bar? I mean, that place is begging for a car. And a police cheetah does kinda fit the role. Thoughts? 5. Any chance we may see sniper guns? ( I haven't heard much about this, so forgive me if I've missed a post that says yes or no ) That's all for now. Thanks Much MTA Crew. You guys pwnz0re
  13. I R HIGH!!!!!!!!!11111oneoneoneelseveentte333n!!!!! LAWL!!!!!!! I WUV KFC AND FKU 4EVAHS!!!ZZZ!@!!!!!!!@!?>>!!ELEVENTE#@N !100HUNDRE!!!!!!!ROFLCAKFAEEDS!!!! EDIT: Jesus, I was tanked, smok't, 'n burnt last night.
  14. I know he's worked with GTA:C, and he's a huge part of that, but as a MTA player, and gang member, we can still say HB! can't we?
  15. Scar kept killing me & my 1 x 1 mate when we were having a duel, one on one, I told him a billion times, but he wouldn't stop shooting us. I'm startin to lose respect for =AA= members already....
  16. umm, are you THIS jacob? ( from FKU server )
  17. Weeelllllllll............ Pausing DOES have it's advantages, like when u gotta run to the bathroom, or take a phone call, or go order a pizza, or go get pizza @ the door, etc. Perhaps we could enable a pause feature, only meant for emergencies, where we could do like...../pause and it would go the the regular pause screen, BUT, make it like, up to 5 minutes, and have it timed, so after 5 minutes, it goes back in game, or somethin. like.... /pause 5 (minutes) and make it so you HAVE TO PUT A REASON, then, when someone goes and pauses to fuck with you, we can direct an admin to the problem, and ppl who aren't being asshats, and actually do have to go to the bathroom, get a phone call, ETC. can use the feature to best suit them. IDEAS?
  18. your like a teddy bear all fuzzy and cuddly I wub cuddly fuzzy puss- I mean, teddy bears. GL =AA=
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