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  1. I'm italian. Ti ho aggiunto in MSN.
  2. But I have website on a Server, therefore I want to put the MTAServer to us, but not sò like making.
  3. I have not understood, you can use easy words?
  4. Ok, i edit my Port and now Launch. But i can install the MTAServer on a website, for have they 24/24h.
  5. When i want lanch the server on my Pc i hav this Errore: What i must doing?
  6. Kindly, you explain like making to me?
  7. I have the infinite bandwith. But it is possible to install the Serveur on a Site one?
  8. I would have to ask mine provider if there is the possibility to install serveur?
  9. Hello to all. Excused my English, but are Italian. I wanted to know if it were possible to put a Server on a Site one and to make available it 24h on 24h.
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