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  1. Serbian wrote: M!cK(RP)*: .... Cube(RP)*: !! M!cK(RP)*: :< Cube(RP)*: i had to pasue or dead That was actaully in the log Kr!s Maybe if you had some eyes and look carefully you would see..
  2. M!cK(RP)*: .... Cube(RP)*: !! M!cK(RP)*: :< Cube(RP)*: i had to pasue or dead DoPeY: 1 person is m4 glicting Kr!S(RP)*: hahaha Kr!S(RP)*: Cube(RP)*: stop shott otr BAN vovo(RP)*: wtf are u doing? vovo(RP)*: omg JunX: i knwo but in mta knowadays timeout = dead vovo(RP)*: w00t a lame
  3. His probably been playing too much Pro Evolution 4, Quite lately his been rejecting clanmatches due to that his interested in PES4.
  4. I think ZarazA has left the clan aswell m8
  5. Are you interested in having a 5 vs 5 match against Untouchables sometime?..
  6. 1 round took about 25 mins to prepere, Round 2 took another 20 mins.. How hard is it for a bunch of newbs organising themselves, Felt bad for Hieu though as he kept organised at all times.
  7. Get some Honourarys into the clan then Shadow, So if theres any problems you got some honourarys backing your clan up..
  8. Nice name for the clan m8 and good luck..
  9. 1st round we just got pwned by but we fought some of their players were doing the shooting glitch, 2nd round is when about 2 players respawned but didnt get very far because we ended up killing them again. In the 3rd round they were suppose to go to Starfish Island but since they took so long we had so go and find them to start the round..
  10. 2-1 =/MK\=.. GG Myself and Capo got bored so decided to search for a friendly clanmatch. The match went fine, =/MK\= had a few ]B!B[ players on their side..
  11. MrBump Posted: Thu May 12, 2005 5:09 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- haha slothman. The EU league was similar to your suggestion. Had it taken off then perhaps by now the plans to extend it to other regions, with international finals, would be in place as we speak. Unfortunately it faded away. p.s it wouldnt be for us to pick the players (best beng a relative term), that'd be up to whatever entry or qualification method was chosen by whoever setup the league. You perhaps? --------------------------------------------
  12. This is a suggestion that goes to the MTA team.. Have you guys ever thought of ever doing like an international match.. I was thinking like maybe some of the MTA Team members could pick a squad of players coming from the same country, Best British players from FMJ, UVA, VCES, etc could play players from Netherlands, France, USA etc. Tags could be like [uK], [FRN], [NL], [GER].. Its something for the MTA Community.. I apologize if there was any topic like this in the past.
  13. Yeah and if you test any candidates and they pwn you, Dont ban them like you do to most players..
  14. Soz guys i left the 4-way match last night, I heard won one of the rounds which is good for the clan status.. My NTL Modem crashed and so did my computer a minute later.. I found out that a few people in my sreet got the same problem aswell so something went wrong..
  15. Quite unlucky losing that final round but we did show a good performance in defending round.. GG
  16. Good Luck m8.. Hope your clan goes in the right direction.
  17. They all know that you pwned them *SmartiE* in that round..
  18. GG.. Unlucky in round 1 with few of our members crashing, Round 2 we made a good performance.. Round 3 UVA ended us making it 2-1
  19. Good luck anyway Jigga for =PCP= remaining matches
  20. Im not getting into any sort of argument the match went fine, I enjoyed it challenging against a good team, all im saying is that i didnt glitch.. I got accused of Nade glitching and M4 ammo glitch only because i defeated 2 members of =PCP=
  21. Might aswell go as far as we can.. And yup i am thinking positive but Hieu were thinking Positive when you were accusing some of our members of glitching..
  22. U 2-1 =PCP=.. Done and dusted.. GG Bring on UVA & FMJ..
  23. GL anyway Damo m8.. i`ll pop in every now and then.
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