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  1. i have the same problem with linux servers
  2. [UVA]Smoke

    php mtas

    when i do the database on "create", this error occurred: an error occured during create or GRANT EDIT:Smartie add me on msn, UVASmoke@hotmail.it
  3. [UVA]Smoke

    php mtas

    when i would register an account there, it doesnt work
  4. [UVA]Smoke

    php mtas

    yeah but it doesn't work
  5. [UVA]Smoke

    php mtas

    hi, i opened the file sql.mrc, but i have a problem to configure it... set %ip set_ip_of_mysql_database set %port set_port_of_mysql_database_(if_unsure_3306_is_default) set %user set_username_for_mysql_database set %pass set_pass_for_mysql_database set %dbname set_database_name var %connect = -hpuwd %ip %port %user %pass %dbname ip of the mta server or of mysql? and i mast write in this string... set %ip set_ip_of_mysql_database or in this: var %connect = -hpuwd %ip %port %user %pass %dbname srry my bad english
  6. i want another clanwar v u guys
  7. hey guys, i have a problem with mta0.3, mta_dll.dll could not be located Help me
  8. yeah...only 0.3 and 0.4 version worked on win98
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