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  1. Hello there everyone! o/ Finally mta:sa dm was released and it seriously brought us back to the action, we are now more active and lively than ever! We are also happy to announce that we already got 4 new recruits, big welcome to Boxman, Umbra, Vilitzu and Sipz! We are also ready for any sort of matches, like having clanwars on tdm, ctf etc so just contact us if you feel like playing a match! ;> Our crew has had some other changes too and updated memberlist can be found from our site: http://koti.mbnet.fi/mxxd/mfs . And also if theres some Finnish people reading this we are still recruiting
  2. Palster

    [LVS] Clan

    Maybe you couldve told us a bit about your clan. =P Well anyways good luck in this cruel world called mta!
  3. Keep it in english. But yea sure we could play a match, but what mod you exactly mean? You could come at our irc channel #mfs-sa at quakenet so we can talk more about possible match.
  4. Wow Finally another Finnish clan shows up. <3 Its been so long time since last bitchfights between finnish clans...... Way too long! Well anyways good luck to your clan, hope you can get few more people and we can have match if/when mta:sa dm ever comes out. =)
  5. Dude is asking where has our mta:sa server disappeared. Answer is that its only around when we feel like playing shitty race mod instead of some other SA mp mod. And no, we totally arent dead or something we are having lively days at irc and in many other games than just mta. Tried mta:vc after a long break today and now I remember why we "quit" it. It was because of Nutter. Him having admin rights in some server just doesnt makse sense. ;( Nadeglitching all the time, spawnkilling noobs and so on. =( Well anyways if there are any clans interested in having mtac in mta:vc just contact us
  6. O_o Hello for you too!
  7. Is it really that hard for you to organize and play your matches dear mates? Im starting to kick these "inactive" teams if they dont start playing before next tuesday.
  8. OMG DOUBLEHAX! We have now started recruiting players due there is playable mp version of sa. o/ So if you wish to join and you think that you can speak finnish good enough you can contact us at irc, from quakenet server, channel #mfs-sa , or you can pm me here.
  9. Ill add league standigs etc at first post when I wake up enough. -.- Points etc. If you need ref for your matches contact me or some other referees, we also might need few more refs so if you are itnerested contact me.
  10. Ok lets get it started. This is how it goes: It will be 1 big league first, all teams will face eachother 2 times. After league is finished it will go to knockout sytem, Nr1 vs Nr8, Nr2 vs Nr7 and so on. Also to avoid goddamn idlers etc, team should play atleast 3 matches in a week to keep this alive. GOOD LUCK IN MATCHES!
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