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  1. And if there's no admin there, you're screwed, that's it, end of story. Then it'll be up to them. Again: I really doubt you are blameless in this matter. Even if you are, there must be SOME reason they don't want you in the server. In any way, that decision is totally theirs to make if they're given the rights and means of doing so, and there's nothing you can do about it. I think they kick ppl for fun i dont like it
  2. Ahh well last night wasn't too bad he was kicking some one else i rather change my name thats the only way and /report doesn't work
  3. how was that the 4th time? and i said theres never an ADMIN!! on the server
  4. Well ok am just asking if anyone know what to deal with this kind of thing.
  5. Lol well..he doesn't speak english and theres never an admin on the server there was one but he had a ping to 0 would that make him the owner of the server? and this guy won't leave me alone the person that kicks me
  6. Ahh i keep getting kicked for no fucking reason stupid people
  7. I find it really annoying oh and i have a question when your in a train how come you can't connect with other trans? be great if you could
  8. First of all, the server is responsible of what is happening over there. MTA devs are here to develop MTA and provide support in general. Giving server owners the needs to customize their servers to their likings, which the public has to either accept or just go to another server. Second of all, what are these "hacks" you speak of? Are you saying votekick is a hack? Or are people saying you're hacking? High pings can be really annoying for other players because you often miss such targets while those having lag seem to have no difficulty shooting non-lagging players. People might see this as
  9. Well theres no admins on the server and vote kick is enabled so you can do it any time even if your not admin so.. like can't the MTA team do some thing about hacks? like to stop
  10. What can a admin do? to help me?
  11. Theres never an admin on the server i think
  12. I dont do anything to him he just keeps annoying me! like i can't playwhen hes around always kicks me pissing me off how i find the administrator
  13. I dont do anything to him he just keeps annoying me! like i can't playwhen hes around always kicks me pissing me off
  14. Hi i play MTA alot well some times and every time i go on a server theres always a hacker keep vote kicking me for no reason like thats the only server i can play on the other ones i cant because of have high pings is there a way on how to stop hackers? the person that keeps kicking me is [HUN]H.ALEX>HR every time he joins he just kick me its really annoying
  15. Kind of fun but i always get kill with the knife when they slash my neck at the front not from the back
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