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  1. All players aren't in vehicles on map start. Just use onPlayerVehicleEnter function. And isGuestAccount() check wouldn't hurt either.
  2. hobo

    Update CEGUI

    It's not an alternative. It's the very same GUI-engine that MTA currently uses, just an updated library, which means they can keep the same skin.
  3. hobo

    Update CEGUI

    I know it's probably a lot of work for you, but I think it would really bring a lot of useful functions and maybe better performance as well. I was impressed by this video alone: + other features from: http://www.cegui.org.uk/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
  4. First of all, it's generally not advised to run a webserver and gameservers on a same root, but you don't seem to bother, really professional. Secondly, 100 SA-MP servers PLUS all the websites? MEGAOVERSELL.
  5. hobo

    Server list spam

    I am not related to this server and have never visited it, but you cannot ultimately claim this to be removed, as mini-missions isn't really a unique clan/server-name to choose. First of all it means pretty much the game-mode which consists of mini-missions and in the last place means your server name.
  6. I think that MTA team should seriously consider reworking their stream-engine before adding additional so called "fancy" things. I can play every new game on a decent FPS, but I cannot play MTA with a stable FPS. Well, I can play alone, but with someone else around or on a race map built of objects, my FPS starts to swing madly. In full race servers (32 playes), the fps is just intolerable on map starts (goes below 20 with my rather modern hardware). And I wouldn't blame faulty San Andreas' engine, which of course has a significant role in it as well, but when I used to play the crappier MP m
  7. STAY AWAY FROM SERVERFFS! So, what they (Woet) basically do is - change your IPs on random times without announcing it(One can and one will lose many players because of IP changes), steal your domains you've registered with them and blackmail you to pay for those, change their TOS(Terms of Service) on random times without announcing it, like it was with cancellations etc. And most of all, they oversell badly, so your server lags. http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthrea ... =serverffs http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthrea ... =serverffs After they get your money, they don't care about yo
  8. hobo

    Ryan's Maps)

    Nice maps, but it's too bad, that you have given those exclusively to a server with ghostmode enabled, that just sucks, playing DM maps with ghostmode is boring, like playing alone.
  9. Do I need to post msn log to here? I promised $20 and script things for you? I'm stupid? You were saying that you sent the money and it takes 5-10 minutes and after I said that let's wait, you said that you sent the money to wrong address, which didn't exist, tested myself in the paypal, which means the money wont be delivered. But still you said you lost your money and wanted me to send the script anyway. Don't play fool here or make stupid excuses, which have no truth basis, you're a S C A M M E R! Face it and live with it. I'll upload the gamemode with my scripts to community and make
  10. W A R N I N G ! This guy tried to scam me.. He promised to pay me $20 for the scripting and when it was done and I presented it to him, he said, that he made the transaction and told me that it(PayPal transaction) takes 5-10 minutes of time, then I realized that he tried to scam me. After that he said, that he's 14 year old and has no money and offered me admin etc. Fortunately I used compiled resources and was protected for scammers, but never trust this guy felipealbuqueque@gmail.com and the team of Castillo's server. (http://imperioxd.com/)
  11. hobo


    Could you reupload it please? Thanks
  12. hobo

    Car mod Resource

    You're welcome:) http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/EngineLoadTXD
  13. hobo


    SOLVED! Big thanks to Pugwipe.
  14. OFFTOPIC: He's such a pro scripter: Asked me $500 for simple mysql base - data saving and loading, login. And promised to do this with a month. Next person offerd me this for $30 and next day or the day after tomorrow.
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