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  1. This is true. TheDude IS the creator of the {VCS} (Vice City Slayers)
  2. Sure... if any of my members can ever get online Lol. I'll get some more members and then i'll do it. I won't be in there, I will be the commander. Hehe. Lol Add me to MSN, My MSN is XxStewieXx344@hotmail.com I will be on at about 3:45 if you want to talk to me then. Thanks. *EDIT* Does anybody want to join the {VCL}?
  3. I'll be keeping a close eye on you. *edit* I never SAID you are a cheater... I said you possibly could be.
  4. GTA:VC 1)Idaho 2)Rancher 3)F a g g i o (not in MTA) 4)Sentenal XS 5)Perennial GTA 3 1)Securicar 2)Idaho 3)Columbian car ( don't know what it's called ) 4) ---- 5) ----
  5. My song for the day My Chemical Romance - Helena I listened to it on the bus! : ) lmfao ( laugh my f**king @55 out ) lol
  6. I got an idea! You know how in some games if you pause then you just will keep getting killed? Do that for blue... then no pausing : )
  7. RULES 1) NO CHEATERS 2) MUST RESPECT ALL ADMINS AND MEMBERS 3) MUST HAVE MSN/AIM END OF RULES MEMBERS 1.{VCL}Stewie 2.{VCL}Heretik 3.{VCL}Agent_B 4.{VCL}Ronan 5.{VCL}MR.T 6.{VCL}BigBoss 7.{VCL}Enhance 8.{VCL}-Jason 9.{VCL}Hyphy 10.{VCL}Blaze 11.{VCL}ThaDon 12.{VCL}Ryder 13.{VCL}SilenT 14.{VCL}Andrey 15.{VCL}Robbo END OF MEMBERS LIST Owned by {VCL}Stewie If you would like to join {VCL} Send me a PM
  8. Heh, I can't wait until 2 years pass... then I will get a Dell 600M laptop.... and I can bypass the security and to install MTA and GTA. I'm gonna try that thing that you told me JacoB. Thanks for helpin me.
  9. Don't ever be too careful... Heh.. I can't wait till I get home... *OFFTOPIC* Did anyone notice the FPS is alot better in GTA:III then in GTA:VC? It's pretty awesome : ) I learned to fly the dodo in less than 1 hour : ) Problem is I can't turn or I flip... : (
  10. Like I said.. He MIGHT be from [DRuG].. watch out for him...
  11. You mean [DRuG]???? THEY DO MOD!!!
  12. Jigga is DrUg? *EDIT* Better have a good lookout for him... maybe you should go undercover to see if he is a cheater...
  13. Probably.... you know how Drugs thing is [DrUg] ? Look at Drugers name... it's DrUgEr
  14. lmao you don't allow cheaters but you do have one in your clan.. and his name is [VCC]DrUgGeR (it's kinda obvious)
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