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  1. A break, fuck that, you know howmuch they earl making a game like this... I hope they make a new one soon grtz
  2. Rockstar Games has decided not to make any more GTA games.. Don't know if they wont ever do anymore but atm they said they quitted with developing new GTA Games you're fucking kidding me...!!! It's my favorite game and there's nothing like it. Btw it's very popular so why not make another sequel? shit, that's fucked up grtz
  3. Sorry to post it here, but i didn't know where else... Does anybody know what the next Gta will be called... I remember there were only 3 Islands, so the next will be something completely new, or... grtz
  4. Great idea, like that i don't have to come here every day to see if it's out or not... Once a week will make me dissapointed enough.
  5. then the two players will keep changing the channel back and forth until they finally decide to take seprate cars, or one player will kill the other Hehe, idd, i think it could be fun
  6. If you dont understand, why speak? People ask questions to find out the answer. True, but then again, some people ask questions in every topic, because their to stupid to see the answer What is that suppost to mean? I'm almost positive you've asked a question before. Also I agree person that's spanish (not insult). I wish they did that for italians! I don't understand you, please explain
  7. If you dont understand, why speak? People ask questions to find out the answer. True, but then again, some people ask questions in every topic, because their to stupid to see the answer
  8. Don't want to see the track, waste of time, if you lose a couple of times you will get so frustrated you will know when to turn and shit... grtz
  9. yeah this guy is anoying... You think someone has a new idea or shit, and when you read it, it's just a topic you've read months ago btw about the gas grenades there really fun, i have slow 1.6ghz pc and i've trown like 50-60 grenades and it didn't slow down my pc, so i'm wondering... grtz
  10. I don't think so...I love realism. but at least there should be a system were both of us get what they want, but i don't know how grtz
  11. you should be able to kill them thrue the windows like the pedestrians in the single player
  12. You have to pay, i'll give you the account
  13. I think it's possible, cause if you logg on a target witch a rocket launcher and the target moves the rocket follows till it hits... This can take miles... So if it's possible to shoot a rocket miles away, it should be possible with a normal bullet grtz
  14. I think he's got a great point there, i'm not sure about the mp3's but i'm pretty sure it's possible to change the radio station if on of the passengers does grtz
  15. Subwoofer


    omg that's pretty boring btw how long is the skydive with the toreno mission? Haha, imagine that with a whole group of people and true different circles in the air, or just be able to form figures in the air... I think it could get fun
  16. Nice, but it does look like it takes a lot of time to create a decent road to ride on... Anyways, i hope it will be released soon cause these things don't look that nessesary to me... My respect to the whole team and nice work guys grtz
  17. Subwoofer


    I think he's got a point there, it could be great fun to skydive fore like 5-10minuts
  18. Hmm i did "hear" a developer say, it was probably this month, but then again he said "probably"
  19. I think he's got a good idea there, but it need some work, maybe robbing a bank and shit
  20. It may not be so dissapointing when the release comes out. Hehe, i hope not, cause i'm waiting for a long time now but you don't hear me complaining i'm happy they want to make it, i do hope it comes out till the end of the month
  21. ow damn, i thought you could in that free roam that's dissapointing anyway... hope the rest is good
  22. But again, don't let us wait to long, or the community might expect to much, don't you think grtz
  23. Weird after all that time they didn't make a dm mode (wich is the most popular mode)... I got a question, ... so in Free Roam you can do whatever you like, but can people enter you're vihicle or kill you by driving over you... That way the Free Roam could get ruined and turn in to a 'Dm Carkilling Roam" or not? Grtz
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