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  1. Nich

    LA Conference?

    Why not make a livestream-podcast if so many people are interested.
  2. I saw some video about gaming industry and it was EA or Ubisoft lab (not sure which one exactly) and the designers-modellers shown there were all using Macs. And I read some article about game designers also, maybe I can find them later. But yes, no need for Mac vs PC battle here.
  3. This kind of discussion(Mac vs PC) here seems kind of ironic, because uttermost of the games are designed-modeled on a Mac (Pro), I would bet that (bits of) San Andreas also. Not everybody buys a computer just to run COD XIV on the maximum settings.
  4. That would do just fine, thank you.
  5. Does anybody happen to have a Freight/Cargoship resource, made by using elementattaching? I think there was one on the community, but it's down at the moment unfortunately.
  6. I didn't want you to send it to me, but upload it to the clan site, but those are your maps and you decide what to do with them.
  7. The map editor didn't work for me either when I tested, haven't tested it on the latest release candidate though.
  8. I've liked serverFFS' servers, since recently, when overselling started really showing out through very unstable pings, ftp speeds, MTA resources download speeds. Sometimes they're good, but most of the times they're bugging me.
  9. It is possible to automatically resize signature images, there are many mods for vBulletin and most probably for phpBB also, try searching - "image resizer"
  10. Nich


    Yes, I mistyped it for some reason, but thanks anyways.
  11. Nich


    Good at what? Based on what?
  12. Nich


    I have a server, start server.exe and then connect to my server, by starting MTA and quick connecting to Alternatively: type mtasa:// in your browser. Can I see the code now? No offence, but: Why just boast about something you have supposedly made? If you do not want to release it, don't even make a post. Or if you want to get other's oppinion or egoboost, release the code. As far as I have seen, you, GameNet.fi guys are just whippersnappers. The other scripter of your community makes just posts named [W.I.P]SomethingIHaveNotActuallyMade v1.0 and talks crap.
  13. If you want someone to do it for you, then you'll better get your wallet out.
  14. Nich

    name color

    You have billion topics of some problems, you should really try more yourself, learn more and make easier things first, but yourself and debug your scripts.
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