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  1. Hmm there exits duplicate mr . bump also ? i thought he was the only one on the mta team . And does the new vcmp has same problem as old mta client as mentioned here of not been able to connect if this site was down. Plus is there a support forum for vcmp anywhere , cause i see boats on the road.
  2. Need password protected server just contact killer on skullbreakers site . he will give you one for how many days again?
  3. I really hope he doesnt Commit Suicide i have not seen him online for days now. MAybe i will dial 911 soon.
  4. LOL ur right about that anyone who uses that name stewie3 or stewie or billy is instant ban on most servers lol . Man i hope stewie doesnt commit suicide . i am little worried about that hacker lol . Please stewie reply so we can be sure ur not dead of all this gang bang ....
  5. Good atleast now people appreciating that dude and aeron u need not to act smart with everyone and u know u were rude so write him an officialy letter saying ur sorry
  6. LOL how many clans r u in right now i know one is called Cheaters Clan and other VCL clan that u cooked up somehow and whoever ask to be in clan gets 2 thumbs up ASAP and he is recruited so, wham... there goes ur rules out of the window. And OMG this is hillarious thread whenever i am bored i just read this thread again and again. Hacker started a clan nice going . and ur 12? shouldnt u produce the COPPA or whatever certificate is needed to be even eligible to post on any forums and has mtavc.com looked into it cause its a serious legal offense if u guys have allowed him to be on this site without any legal concent from his parents . so have look into it forum leaders .
  7. if possible put some screenshots it would help to know the exact nature of error.
  8. I doubt that part i think he is little jealous if someone comes up with some idea he tries to usually abuse them and act smart he should not do that. I dont see any funny part in any of aerons posts.
  9. I have to agree with Dude and the ip he posted has been globally banned on all SB servers and trust me he can change ip cause he uses Router most of the time so use a subnet ban and seriously u really think a 13 year old kid can hack someone come on that dude doesnt even know how to copy paste some script or edit some script give that noob a chance just report it to fbi and i dont know why that kid tries to be so smart . Cant someone blacklist his ip and ban him from all servers globally? if possible that is.. And LOL he has still not stopped using hacks in MTA when will that kid develop some brains and a thing called self esteem . and the dude u shouldnt and are not allowed to post someones ip its against law and he can sue u for using and posting his ip to public and his location. those things are called breach of personal secruity and if someone hacks him u will be held responsible for revealing his ip. so i would say remove his ip dude it would be for ur own sake everyone knows his ip by now.
  10. It really hurts me to see people who try to help out mta just get a foot in the butt all the time either by aeron ( who thinks he is god ) Very bad dont ever think u know everything cause no one does. I seen so many people say bad things about what fayte tried to do and some other people also with scripts to stop hacking but no one (especially the mta team ) appreciates them at all . i see no thanks for them anywhere just more and more and more abusive comments. i know that Killer , and not Fayte has tried to get rid of Hackers or glitchers but instead of helping them out everyone just posts bad things. Now Killer has gone to extreme and banned some weapons to be used which are main sources of glitches but until something is done about the glitches by mta makers no one can get rid of all the glitches and hacks. so please appreciate what many people are doing to get rid of present glitches and limitations of MTA instead of posting crap about what they try to do. And fayte no use wasting ur time here dude seriously no one will understand what u trying to do, just keep all ur ideas and scripts to urself its waste of time posting them here.
  11. OOP wrong section KAZ read before u post something its about cops and robbers and that doesnt exists no more so better close this topic Moderator..
  12. topgun

    !spree and !hp

    u sound like a dude called stewie a hacker and he seems to have disappared maybe he was too embarrased to be here . but dude if u dont know how to run a script or copy paste it than as tlr randy said i give up too . but to help u copy paste in a doc txt or any text file of any kind and than rename it to blablafile.mrc and how to rename it dont ask me cause i dont know how to explain . and than load that script using mirc or if u have some script running open that script up in notepad and copy paste the code where it need to go and where it needs to go can be seen in jax script just find that part and paste it under there and paste only just under the command or wherever it need to go and after the { later and if this doesnt help sorry i cant help no more.
  13. topgun

    Who got ctw script?

    Catman u give lots of links lol its better to give the whole thing so here is the copy paste of the link that catman asked u to go to. on *:SIGNAL:mta.admin: { if ($2 == !ctw) ctw $1 $3- } alias ctw { if ($2 == on) { if ($mta.admin+($1)) { mta.say $1 Capture the Whoopee activated! mta.say $1 Stay as long as possible in the Whoopee in a round of 30 mins! remini ctw.ini S $+ $1 .timerctw $+ $1 1 1800 ctw $1 stop unset % [ $+ [ $1 ] ] } else mta.say $1 No admin+ connection! } if ($2 == off) { if (% [ $+ [ $1 ] ]) !writeini ctw.ini S $+ $1 ID $+ $gettok(% [ $+ [ $1 ] ],1,32) $calc($readini(ctw.ini,S $+ $1,ID $+ $gettok(% [ $+ [ $1 ] ],1,32)) + $ticks - $gettok(% [ $+ [ $1 ] ],2,32)) var %a = $ctw2($1) mta.say $1 Capture the Whoopee deactivated! mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,%a) has won with a time of $duration($calc($readini(ctw.ini,S $+ $1,ID $+ %a)/1000)) ! remini ctw.ini S $+ $1 .timerctw $+ $1 off unset % [ $+ [ $1 ] ] } if ($2 == stop) { if (% [ $+ [ $1 ] ]) !writeini ctw.ini S $+ $1 ID $+ $gettok(% [ $+ [ $1 ] ],1,32) $calc($readini(ctw.ini,S $+ $1,ID $+ $gettok(% [ $+ [ $1 ] ],1,32)) + $ticks - $gettok(% [ $+ [ $1 ] ],2,32)) var %a = $ctw2($1) mta.say $1 Time up! New round! mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,%a) has won with a time of $duration($calc($readini(ctw.ini,S $+ $1,ID $+ %a)/1000)) ! mta.say $1 Stay as long as possible in the Whoopee in a round of 30 mins! remini ctw.ini S $+ $1 .timerctw $+ $1 1 1800 ctw $1 stop unset % [ $+ [ $1 ] ] } } alias ctw2 { var %a = 1,%b,%c = 0 while ($ini(ctw.ini,S $+ $1,0) >= %a) { if ($readini(ctw.ini,S $+ $1,$ini(ctw.ini,S $+ $1,%a)) > %c) { %c = $readini(ctw.ini,S $+ $1,$ini(ctw.ini,S $+ $1,%a)) %b = $right($ini(ctw.ini,S $+ $1,%a),-2) } inc %a } return %b } on *:SIGNAL:mta.join: { if ($timer(ctw $+ $1)) { mta.msg $1 $2 Welcome, Capture the Whoopee active! mta.msg $1 $2 Stay as long as possible in the Whoopee (Round time left: $duration($timer(ctw $+ $1).secs)) } } on *:SIGNAL:mta.exit: { if ($timer(ctw $+ $1)) { if ($gettok(% [ $+ [ $1 ] ],1,32) == $2) { mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,$2) lost the Whoopee! !writeini ctw.ini S $+ $1 ID $+ $2 $calc($readini(ctw.ini,S $+ $1,ID $+ $2) + $ticks - $gettok(% [ $+ [ $1 ] ],2,32)) unset % [ $+ [ $1 ] ] } } } on *:SIGNAL:mta.enter: { if ($timer(ctw $+ $1)) { if ($mta.vehicle($1,$2).name == Mr. Whoopee) { mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,$2) has the Whoopee! if (% [ $+ [ $1 ] ]) !writeini ctw.ini S $+ $1 ID $+ $gettok(% [ $+ [ $1 ] ],1,32) $calc($readini(ctw.ini,S $+ $1,ID $+ $gettok(% [ $+ [ $1 ] ],1,32)) + $ticks - $gettok(% [ $+ [ $1 ] ],2,32)) % [ $+ [ $1 ] ] = $2 $ticks } } } on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { if ($timer(ctw $+ $1)) { if ($3 == !time) { mta.say $1 Time left: $duration($timer(ctw $+ $1).secs)) } if ($3 == !score) { !writeini ctw.ini S $+ $1 ID $+ $gettok(% [ $+ [ $1 ] ],1,32) $calc($readini(ctw.ini,S $+ $1,ID $+ $gettok(% [ $+ [ $1 ] ],1,32)) + $ticks - $gettok(% [ $+ [ $1 ] ],2,32)) % [ $+ [ $1 ] ] = $gettok(% [ $+ [ $1 ] ],1,32) $ticks var %a = $ctw2($1) mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,%a) is leading with a time of $duration($calc($readini(ctw.ini,S $+ $1,ID $+ %a)/1000)) ! } } }
  14. do u mind shutting up dude please its enough maybe he did maybe he did if he did not u dont need to reply again asking did he or did he not that looks really really c-e--p. And JS can u explain what is ur goal in span script cause jax told u the script for announcing who spawns and if thats not what u want than do u want a spwan script where u spawn as some skin and it kills u if u dont want that skin in game or do u want teamplay type script where sailors cant kill other sailors cause i cant get them from killer so u need to explain briefly what type of script u need and simply saying i need spawn script doesnt mean anything , similary if u say i want food doesnt imply what sorta food u want it just means ur hungry and asking for spawn script means ur hungry too if u look it at that way.
  15. i know that one from the time of mta 0.3 its real old to and called the bitch packing glitch on most servers.
  16. it depends on certains thing if they are open or not and by deafult in router they are not open so u can spend days trying to figure out if u keep thinking that they are open by default that statement u made is misleading. even if u have firewall they are not open they will be asked to be openend when the server starts for first time so by default they are only open when ur system is open for hack attacks . but on hosting companies some dont have ports open and have to be asked to open ports but usually they are open on hosting companies.
  17. Its rpg script of jax but extensively edited and mixed with other scripts so dont give false information jax script was very limited its been expanded to over 60 pages now original script was 40 pages long only. and the link u provided is not the link to Skull Breakers Clan server RPG script its something else and is a clan script which TransamAdict already mentioned he doesnt want the clan script so why give link to the clan script dude . Please read before posting.
  18. u have to edit script if such a option doesnt exists or make a separate small script with ur name and permissions and typeing !set cash giving that person the cash u want and writing it to file . i dont know the structure of clan rpg script cause i never played one so maybe jax can make a small script as addon to enable that feature.
  19. anyone seen stewie or has he comitted suicide due to all this humiliation ? and if so can the unwanted and no reply topic be closed cause i think this vcl clan is no more.
  20. LOL a kicked out Skull Breakers Clan member using SB in name and asking to lead some CE clan did u guys kick ur leader out for his childish behaviour and full of gltiching acts? OMG this is so freaking funny flame this makes u look so freaking cheap u changing from one to another and using other clan name and signature and stuff, no wonder u got kicked out of clan u aint worthy of none and as i remember once the leader of ce clan saying " sorry flame no offense but you aint good " Anyways this topic is old and no replies as flame aint reading so better close this.
  21. Cool hostban script now works with the new trace ban script created and its way more powerful than blacklist, which checks for same name only so if someone wana try there luck out go check out the servers . Its under test so if it passes test it might be released. so all those with dynamic ips and not dial up freaks are welcome to be beta testers on server who can change there ips or are on router.
  22. cool i see the hostban script working too great wonderfull for players bad for hackers
  23. Thats total corruption i feel corrupt already
  24. so who opened it if it was closed and why?
  25. topgun

    server information

    Yeah a querry script will also be able to create sql databases and store stats?/
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