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  1. Advice with tables in lua

    Not exactly sure what you mean but adding and removing works like this: --add table['a'] = "abc" --remove table['a'] = nil --check if table['a'] then
  2. Bad Quality RenderTarget

    Yes it is. Okay, I will try that later, but the problem still exists for pictures too
  3. Bad Quality RenderTarget

    This is how my example looks: If you check how e.g. the "Hunter" or "Freeroam" text looks compared to the Training or Logout text (which are out of render target), its not as clear. Also, its hard to see, but under the pictures, there is also something that shouldn't be there. (the dark lines under the colored area) Its not scaled and the font size is the same. The render target just makes it look a little blurry for some reason.
  4. Bad Quality RenderTarget

    I ran into the same problem now. Even though the render target is not being scaled (its size is exactly the size that is used to draw it) because I only need to be able to scroll with it, it still looks like the images and text are blurry. Changing the blend mode doesn't make it much better either. I have used something like render targets in another environment outside of MTA, and there everything looks fine. So there seems to be something that is done different in MTA, or something that could be tweaked to improve the quality. Anyone has an idea what to do about this?
  5. Transparent Editbox

    I actually tried this some time ago! The fonts sizes didn't match so it looked weird the longer the text in the editbox got. I have actually downloaded and tried this framework some month ago. It seems to work pretty good but I usually don't like to use external resources. I might have to use the default mta gui for now and change it to something more fancy looking later.
  6. Transparent Editbox

    I tried guiSetAlpha( edit, 0 ) already. But this makes everything invisible, not just the white background. So you can't even see the text anymore. Basically only the white background needs to be transparent.
  7. Transparent Editbox

    Hi, is there already a way to make the default gui editboxes transparent? It seems to always have a white background, which doesn't look so good if they are used within a dx environment. If not, then this might be a good way to make the default editboxes usable outside of an actual gui window. @ccw Bonsai
  8. getElementData or "something"

    This should work too: a = b < 0 and 'negative' or 'positive'
  9. Oh wow, thank you! It works. This was a lot easier than I thought. It also fixed another problem I had so now I don't even have to use dxDrawImageSection anymore and can use dxDrawImage instead. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I have a little problem with dxDrawImageSection. When the section that I'm drawing becomes bigger than the actual image, it will start showing the "other side" of the image again. If I have a picture which is 500x500, and I draw a section of it from 200 to 700, it will draw the part from 200 to 500 followed by 0 - 200. This is a problem as I need it to stop drawing at 500. Is there a way to turn this off or avoid this? Bonsai
  11. Easiest way to test my scripts?

    Virtual Box should work fine normally. And if you want to test network related things, I would suggest WANem. WIth that you can fake latency and other network issues. Very helpful to find out how your scripts will act with someone who has 500 ping instead of 0 as you on your local server.
  12. createrWater dimension

    So it only works clientside to create water in different dimensions? I couldn't test it yet but that might be a solution then.
  13. createrWater dimension

    Yes, it stays the same :c
  14. createrWater dimension

    Hey, it seems to be impossible to create water in a different dimension than 0? Is there a way to move it to another dimension? On my server, dimension 0 is not used at all, so I cannot create water because of that as it seems. Bonsai
  15. Get position of world models

    I don't want to replace ALL the objects, only some to I can change their position. Often, a building etc. consists of many models, so I would have to manually adjust their position again, which would take very long. I will try checking that file, hopefully the models that belong together are next to each other there.