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  1. Oh wow, thank you! It works. This was a lot easier than I thought. It also fixed another problem I had so now I don't even have to use dxDrawImageSection anymore and can use dxDrawImage instead. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have a little problem with dxDrawImageSection. When the section that I'm drawing becomes bigger than the actual image, it will start showing the "other side" of the image again. If I have a picture which is 500x500, and I draw a section of it from 200 to 700, it will draw the part from 200 to 500 followed by 0 - 200. This is a problem as I need it to stop drawing at 500. Is there a way to turn this off or avoid this? Bonsai
  3. Easiest way to test my scripts?

    Virtual Box should work fine normally. And if you want to test network related things, I would suggest WANem. WIth that you can fake latency and other network issues. Very helpful to find out how your scripts will act with someone who has 500 ping instead of 0 as you on your local server.
  4. createrWater dimension

    So it only works clientside to create water in different dimensions? I couldn't test it yet but that might be a solution then.
  5. createrWater dimension

    Yes, it stays the same :c
  6. createrWater dimension

    Hey, it seems to be impossible to create water in a different dimension than 0? Is there a way to move it to another dimension? On my server, dimension 0 is not used at all, so I cannot create water because of that as it seems. Bonsai
  7. Get position of world models

    I don't want to replace ALL the objects, only some to I can change their position. Often, a building etc. consists of many models, so I would have to manually adjust their position again, which would take very long. I will try checking that file, hopefully the models that belong together are next to each other there.
  8. Get position of world models

    Hey, is there a way to get the position of world models, meaning the objects of the defaut San Andreas map? In the Map editor you can only select them, which automatically changes their position. I want to recreate them with new objects on their original position. Bonsai
  9. CEF problems?

    Very good, seems to work again now!
  10. CEF problems?

    This might take a while :c Cannot see the overall progress on that upload site, but there is one file that makes like 90% of that zip. Or maybe it doesn't take that long.. @Jusonex
  11. CEF problems?

    While trying to find someone with this problem I got an update for MTA myself. Now I have the same problem. The mentioned file was updated as it seems, before it was 27.06 now its 03.07. This is the uploaded file:
  12. CEF problems?

    Hey, since a few hours, some people cannot login to our server anymore. We are using CEF to build the Login Panel. Everything worked fine for a long time and nothing in the scripts has changed. With some testing, we discovered that logging in actually works by creating a command for that, but not by using the normal login or guest button. Is it possible that there was some MTA update or something like that recently? That seems to be the only thing that could explain this sudden problem. Bonsai
  13. Fixed.

    Was editing the original post enabled again?! Wuff
  14. How many people are using the Client without CEF?

    Oh, hm thats weird. I remember a function that could be used to check if CEF was supported by the client. But if it still works for everyone thats good. Thanks.
  15. Hi, are there any statistics about how many people are using the client for XP and Vista, which doesn't support CEF? This is important to know for me, as some features on my server were made with CEF, so some people might not be able to use them. Since the MTA Team decided to have a seperate version for these older OS, I assume the number is not too small. Would be nice if there is some data about that. Bonsai