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  1. Was editing the original post enabled again?! Wuff
  2. Oh, hm thats weird. I remember a function that could be used to check if CEF was supported by the client. But if it still works for everyone thats good. Thanks.
  3. Hi, are there any statistics about how many people are using the client for XP and Vista, which doesn't support CEF? This is important to know for me, as some features on my server were made with CEF, so some people might not be able to use them. Since the MTA Team decided to have a seperate version for these older OS, I assume the number is not too small. Would be nice if there is some data about that. Bonsai
  4. Do you mean that? Not sure if its possible to activate that big bmx jump cheat in MTA somehow.
  5. You should not use that module anymore. MTA has this built in now.
  6. I guess you will have to download hundreds and hundreds of MBs when joining the server before you can actually play :c
  7. But shouldn't he be listed in the banlist? What if there are more people that are banned but its not possible to know until they try to join?
  8. [2017-04-20 17:23:48] CONNECT: XXX failed to connect (Serial is banned) (IP: XXX Serial: 804ECEE24F5018C5C9156A0505052EE4 Version: 1.5.3-9.11253.0) [2017-04-20 17:23:48] QUIT: XXX left the game [Quit] Not sure if you need to see the serial so its not editted. About the ACL change. On our server its not possible to change the ACL from ingame as it is pretty much "static", meaning it has ~3 players added as full access, all resources in a resource group with full access (no external resources and maps are not started as a resource), the Console with full access and the default group with no access. Everything else is handled by a custom acl system which takes seperated arenas into account. I think it might be better if I restart the server first to check if that helps, as really nothing has changed.
  9. Adversiting and selling stuff on this forum should finally be forbidden. It's really ridiculous whats happening here and makes the MTA community look bad.
  10. Hey, lately a few weird things happened to my server and I'm not sure why. It wasn't updated and nothing changed. Suddenly, one account disappeared from one day to another and had to be registered again, which worked. Then, the Console "user" suddenly doesn't have access anymore, even though the acl was not changed and it worked fine before that. And the last thing, some user gets a "Serial is banned" message when trying to connect, but his serial is not listed in the banlist file. Most likely all of these problems are related, but I don't know how. I was not able to restart the server yet, to see if this would fix anything. But is there some situation which could cause such behaviour? Bonsai
  11. The default race resource comes with a nametag script. So you can check how it works there and edit it.
  12. Refresh does restart a running resource if the meta has changed (or something like that). That can be dangerous if you don't want it to restart out of the sudden. In my opinion refreshall should usually not be used since it will make the server lag for quite some time depending on how many resource you have. Instead you could rather restart the whole server. Takes about the same time and will make sure you don't get into troubles after a longer time of running.
  13. When using MySQL you should really use callback functions.
  14. This thread made me disable email notifications
  15. weekday: 0-6 since Sunday.