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  1. actually Luke is my brother we are both working on the same scripts O_o so do you want to help orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  2. yeah I have something similar...is SELECT the command I use? like something along the lines of SELECT 'players' (login, and password) if they match it means login? I have no clue
  3. I created a registration system where it inserts the accounts user name and password from my gui register screen however how can I apply that so they can log back into their accounts on the mySQL db?
  4. but now you can click the screen and it's like clicking the button O-O. How can I fix this?
  5. good question...lol I switched it to CHARTAB
  6. GUIEditor_TabPanel = {} GUIEditor_Button = {} CharScreen = guiCreateTabPanel(42,53,395,514,false) CharTAB = guiCreateTab("Character Selection",CharScreen) AccountTAB = guiCreateTab("Account Managment",CharScreen) SettingsTAB = guiCreateTab("Settings",CharScreen) CharSlot1 = guiCreateButton(53,120,375,105,"",false,Char_SelectionTAB) guiSetVisible ( CharSlot1, true ) --[[ CharSlot2 = guiCreateButton(53,230,375,105,"",false,Char_SelectionTAB) CharSlot3 = guiCreateButton(53,340,375,105,"",false,Char_SelectionTAB) CharSlot4 = guiCreateButton(53,450,375,105,"",false,Char_SelectionTAB) ]]-- showCur
  7. I created a gui window with a button but when you click the window the button disappears. How can I fix this?
  8. For example I have a guiWindow all created and such but are their commands or something so the player can't enter numbers must have one space and can only contain letters and if they put in numbers or foreign symbols or if there is no text in the guiEdit the next button isn't click able and save it as the playername...I can not find anything on wiki about it Thanks
  9. Well my script is a rpg script... Players would dm and break the rules drive down the street chaange their skin and their name and I don't want the server announcement everyone changes their name and I personally believe it kinda ruins the rp
  10. Hello guys I have a quick question..how can I prevent my players to change their name in game? For example if someones ingame name is Jim and he goes into mtas menu And changes it to chuck okay how can I code my server to still see him at Jim and have his name stay the same unless he registers another account? Purhaps by recording his serial? Because my server is set up so when a player logs in they are brought to a character selection screen and select their name there however right when they spawn as their character they can go to mtas menu and change the name to whatever they want, also ho
  11. Can you tell me why you would use Cheat Engine in MTA anyways? Or on another server? To get ahead in the server lol it's a private server hacks don't matter so is there a way to freeze and save my money source through cheat engine??
  12. how can we expose the memory that is protected? On cheat_Engine it shows the memory changing even when values are frozen, how can we freeze the memory or alter it to do what we want?
  13. I know there isn't a built in 1 its a script written by the scripters of the server but there has to be holes in it like loop holes
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