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  1. Hi, I've got simple code to send accounts list from my mta server to web server: Lua: http://pastebin.com/RuTsmgVZ PHP: http://pastebin.com/9U8R0xnA But in the function result(res) I'm getting nil... What is wrong and why it gives me always nil?
  2. No, you are wrong. And it is not the problem, my server shows an error that the event startTrip is not added clientside, However if i copy this same code to runcode (by run and crun) it works
  3. Hi, I want to trigger a event from server by triggerClientEvent, but it doesn't work. Here's the code: Server: function startTrip() triggerClientEvent(source,"startTrip", source) end addEventHandler("onPlayerPickupHit", getRootElement(), startTrip) Client: addEvent("startTrip",true) addEventHandler("startTrip", getRootElement(), getTrip)
  4. Hi. I have got a server and I use many map files connected in one resource. I have got problem when I add some maps in meta.xml, the admin panel doesn't see the resource with maps (and server too). Please help me.
  5. It's strange... now these resources are working only for me nobody else on the server. Any ideas?
  6. Hi. Some days ago I updated my server to 1.0.3, and I ran it. Players told me the F9 (helpmanager) doesn't work. Why it doesn't work? I installed 1.0.3 on existing old version instalation. How can I solve this problem?
  7. Dzakub

    job :(

    I think the problem is in createMarker, exactly in the alpha argument, try to set it to 255.
  8. Thx! Next time i will look to Debugger before I will write new topic
  9. I deleted and it still doesn't spawn vehicle, but switching vehicle works Any ideas? Please Help!
  10. Hi. I wrote a script changing the vehicle if player is in other vehicle or creating vehicle if player is on foot. But the code does not run. I think i messed up something in If statement. Here is the code: addCommandHandler ( "sv", function ( thePlayer, command, newModel ) local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer ) newModel = tonumber ( newModel ) if theVehicle and newModel then setElementModel ( theVehicle, newModel ) else if not theVehicle then local px, py, pz getElementPosition(thePlayer) local newVehicle = createVeh
  11. Thanks! You are really helpful
  12. Hi. I want to make a simple rules window appearing when player connect. I've got problem when I want to hide the window (or destroy) when player click Accept button. It does nothing Please help me. Here is the code: button = nil function createRules() window = guiCreateWindow(372,198,820,611,"Rules",false) memo = guiCreateMemo(0.0463,0.0753,0.9146,0.7889,"",true,window) guiMemoSetReadOnly(memo,true) button = guiCreateButton(0.3085,0.8903,0.361,0.0949,"Accept",true,window) guiSetVisible ( window, true ) showCursor ( source, true ) end function hideRules() destroyElement(window) showCurso
  13. Oh man thank you so much you saved my life
  14. Hi. I've got MTA server from MTA 1.0.1 and installed freeroam gui by arc. There is a problem because when i connect to my server i can't spawn. The map doesn't show at start and when I enter it by F1 and click twice on place where i want to spawn the screen fades and nothing happens then. Please help me.
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