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    You can run, But you can't hide www.solgaming.nl proud to be member of Sons of Liberty
  1. you have to get your HQ before he is taken , sow hurry
  2. damn nice job Go one!!
  3. i saw a picture of the QA team playing MTA and it was on o own builded map so i think yes
  4. lol i just make a joke relaxt
  5. Greatis

    Sons of Liberty

    yeah we are a dutch clan but you can look @ our forum there you will find it translated to english.
  6. that would be realy nice i stop playing mta:vc because 0.5 was damn bugged, but if mta:bleu would be a nice mp i think a lot of people are going to play vc again.
  7. bot just need a new inpuls, and the league must be change a little bit and then it's fine . for sa league: http://www.battleofteams.com/Games/mtasa/ for vc: http://www.battleofteams.com/Games/mtavc/ the webmaster isn't finished yet, but he will change the league
  8. Greatis

    Sons of Liberty

    we can alway's use gl thnx
  9. Greatis

    Has GTA lost it?

    gta3 was badd vc was much and much better, i think de are not losing it they just want to make the game more real life insteat of pickups.
  10. Greatis

    Sons of Liberty

    blizz is never coming in this clan annymore
  11. Greatis

    Sons of Liberty

    Sons of Liberty A long time ago our clan was knows as */KB\* (killerbees). We were a starting clan and active in MTA:VC. After a time of playing and do lots of matches, we decided to change the clan tag into : >SoL< (Sons of liberty). we played like 3 or 4 months after this, and then we became inactive... But we are back ! With 2 new leaders and a fresh new start, and we hope to get a good name. Currently we are active in MTA:SA & SA-MP. Leaders : Fusion Aquarius Co-Leader : Greatis Members: Urdead Pimp* Duckmen Alliance: Recently we created an all
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