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  1. YAY its BrophY's 21st hehe so like usual.. i made a topic <3 HAPPY BDAY BABE!!! *gets out the boots corset and whip!* <3 you babe and have a good one!! p.s im in the future so it is oficially the 16th of Sep. here
  2. wow, 3 birthdays in 3 days! and a huge: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to arc_ who is 21:) <3<3<3
  3. today is Alienx's 20th!! yay his old liek me now! haha w00t twenteen ftw!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! <3<3<3<3
  4. yeh well it was spitfires bday yesterday (19th) and the site was down so im leaving a late topic! happy birthday!! <3 ya babe!!
  5. ahh the N95? hehe my lil sis has 1, they've got an awesome 5mp camera
  6. Lolz his already on there silly!!! Look at sydney. South west of me.... Hehe
  7. added! haha go Spitfire /Vicer Sydney ftw!!!
  8. *post like 2 months later.. haha cos im bored, and found a funny one!* *buttons*
  9. hahaha, lolz poor johnline ,, erm i mean JLi >_< <3
  10. hehe i recently got a new phone and i cant put it down, i get msn and web browsing every where, and soon to be irc, when i get a linux box!! well anyways here is my phones... (yeh i have 2) hiptop 3 (aka sidekick 3 (in USA)): closed... open.... LG KG800 (aka, Chocolate) well, there's mine, lets see what you guys have? p.s this is just for fun ans cos im bored, dont give ppl shit cos they have old phones or ones you dont like, every body has their own like and dislikes, keep them to youself, <3 <3 <3
  11. Haha! But john. Dragon lies!! He.. Um she... um what ever... Is lesbian with me!! Duh!! Lolz <3
  12. ROFL!! haha go the aussie 1, cept its cold over here atm! haha 8*c today lol victoria is flooded, damn storms! haha
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