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  1. Awesome tutorial on the car killers slothman!
  2. Well done on the victory! I finally got gta3 (only had vc), so i should b able 2 play a lot more now.
  3. the problem is you need a eficient transfer app. u could have an option to see custom skins, where the ppl with high bandwidth can download others skins and those stuck with dial up can just have the regular view.
  4. I hate car killers (and heli killers). Theyre lame and cant fight 4 sh*t, but thats not a problem MTA should be dealing with, the idiots that do it need to get some fighting skills and start getting out of their cars. And anyway there not that hard to avoid - just stand behind a pole or tree. GTA wouldnt b GTA without the cars and I certainly wouldnt be playing it.
  5. Hey, good luck man, its a hard process setting up a clan. Went through it myself, but i gave up. Dont do the same!! Good luck!
  6. Well, imo theres a lot of glitches in MTA, but who cares if u use them once every now and again. Imo its the ppl who heli kill and car kill that are the worst. Not the ppl who just heli u once 4 fun, but the ppl who do it over and over again. I dont like the nade spammers either...
  7. Thanks, but we really dont want anymore good lucks pls, cause that uses up our pages... But by all means, wish us good luck cause we probly need it, just mention something else as well...
  8. Yeah we havent just changed our name, were kinda focusing on San Andreas now. But yeah, i like this clan better... ?
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