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  1. Delete MTAServerConfigTool.exe.manifest which is located here C:\Program Files\Multi Theft Auto then is should work i rstored it when i was finishing editting the mtaserver.exe.
  2. Ahhh i installed mirc but i dont know what to do to install scripts on servers
  3. hanney

    Server problem

    no still cont connect
  4. hanney

    Server problem

    Yer i connect usein that ip but no people can join the server.
  5. hanney

    Server problem

    Ok then I created my server with the config tool. Then i enabled port 2126 , 2003 , 4003 in my windows fire wall. Now i tryed to connect too my server with my ip but it just wont connect.
  6. Right i created my server with the config tool i named it and added port 2126 too my fire wall i added port 2003 and also added my admin port 4003. For some reason i dont know how to get people to join my server i use my ip addreas but not even me can join my server and i did open the server.exe Thax for any help
  7. Okay iv sorted it out but another problem when i try to connect on my admin remote it now says "Admin Plus is disabled on this server"
  8. How do i find out what my admin port what it is?
  9. Yes for number 1 but 2 would it help if i just turned of my firewall?
  10. It just wont connect to my server can anyone help me?
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