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  1. well ajh already suggested a clean install so i figured ill suggest something else
  2. the 1.1 patch fixes texture problems for people using geforce fx (though nvidia released new driviers that fix the textures problem so that patch is no longer needed) try updating your drivers
  3. Well you can just fuck off and die, bitch. I don't give a fuck if you are a super moderator. That's the only map I could find to work on for your information, you cock nazi. It's obviously the map that was included from the packaging of the PC game. Grr... what a stupid ass penis. I spend my time to make a map and this is what I get? And it's not my fault it was done before, raiden's topic is no where to be seen. Stupid prick. all mr bumb said is that it was done before. advice: flaming mods is never a good idea
  4. team as in team + the team's beloved mods?
  5. we just need some rockets to take it out as well
  6. yes some lamers might make new trainers so unless we gonna have a "cheat stopping crew" searching for hacks and trainers a votekick will be a good idea
  7. to block trainers you guys need to make some crc checks server side
  8. anzas


    yeah it probably happens because the server got some mods installed on it
  9. anzas

    Idea #2

    why do you make 50 posts? this is a beta not version 6.5 mta team top priority right now is getting the basics to work
  10. people come here and whine about the mod, you don't like it don't play it, you want to make suggestions? you are welcome, but not like this, you can't come here and say "your mod sucks i got some ideas so take me to the team"
  11. this problam can only becaused if you place the mta installer in the same folder as the folder your installing it to (the gta3 folder) uninstall move the installer to a diffrent folder and install to the gta3 folder
  12. you guys will own cheers
  13. Run Time Error 126 and 10047: for the moment we have no idea what causes these 2 problems, therefore, whe have no solution the mta guys are working on it...
  14. apache heli? first of all i assume you mean vc second i think you mean the hunter heli, you can find it after you finish the game in the military base (its near the airport) though you better get a cop uniform or the troops will pump your ass
  15. i bought my vc and i don't want to use any dumb patches i got no problams why would i want to install a patch it can do nothing good
  16. lol blokker with the leet answers
  17. r* sayed that patch is an "unsupported" patch i wouldn't install it unless i have some vid problams
  18. yes it has to be in the same folder as your gta3.exe file is (root gta3 folder)
  19. Warlord Archon you use "!" way too much
  20. Warlord Archon don't be mean to new people, yelling comments like USE SEARCH BUTTON, BROWSE THE FORUM! etc won't do any good. installing instructions: you download the mta 0.3b installer place it in some folder (not the gta3 folder!) install it TO THE GTA3 FOLDER, then you use the launcher and press on the mta button, it starts gta and the mta client, close gta and client, download ase (the all seeing eye get it from here after setting up ase start gta start a new game you will see the mta credits role alt tab to ase connect to a server it will launch the mta client with the correct ip after the mta client connects press on the "send game request button" should work then.
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