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    How should i know? I am a dumb blonde!
  1. Thanks, looks like the name is making a few laughs
  2. When my gang gets 6 members (If it ever does...), what area would you recommend for a gang that like to jump around lots?
  3. Thanks. We now have a forum: http://www.miumu.com/phpbb/index.php?mf ... 31869f97dd (If anyone knows how i can get a thing to shorten my addy, please PM me.)
  4. As i left ACK due to a lack of activity, i decided to start PtM. We are all about recruiting ppl who like to jump about a lot while they are fighting. We have a few simple ground rules: No carkilling unless it is really needed No use of fire (Just plain n00bish) No spamming. Be friendly to the ACK. (They put me on my MTA feet) That is all for rules. Members: [PtM]HShadow ... ... ... (I'm the only member!) Any support is greatly appreciated! [PtM]HShadow signs out...
  5. Due to inactivity, i decided it is time to move on from ACK... I decided i will start my own gang, PtM, (Pogo The Monkey), and i will ask them to be ACK friendly. May better health attend the ACK, for you really seem to be struggling now... And i hope 0.5.1 is much better... so. bye every1..
  6. You may be experiencing server related lag. I find that a server with up to 7 ppl apart from me in works, but any more, and my performance gets slowly worse and worse.....
  7. Yeah, i agree. They have mega probs. Prob. have no life, No freinds, and no reason for living...
  8. The challenge server, and the forums are down....... The goonz were pokin around on both, and VTEC shut the forum off for security reasons... Hopefully they will get their just desserts soon..........
  9. No. Nitro just boosts acceleration. It has no effect on a car's top speed...
  10. Ah. That could be a problem... Mabye it could be something that is optional, like if someone is suspected of speedhacking, the Over Top Speed searcher would turn on. do you mean car respawns, or player respawns?
  11. Can someone on the MTA Team deevelop a way to make an Over Top Speed Kicker? I have all the info avaliable and will post it here. Hope it helps. Copied from my thread on the ACK forums. Edit: Any car going over 240 KM/H can be auto kicked. Here is car list with speeds. Name Top speed LANDSTALKER 160.0 IDAHO 160.0 STINGER 200.0 LINERUNNER 120.0 PERENNIAL 150.0 SENTINEL 165.0 PATRIOT 170.0 FIRETRUCK 170.0 TRASHMASTER 110.0 STRETCH 180.0 MANANA 160.0 INFERNUS 240.0 BLISTA 170.0 PONY 160.0 MULE 140.0 CHEETAH 230.0 AMBULANCE 190.0 FBI CAR 190.0 MOONBE
  12. Yeah, that was the kind of thing i was aiming for.
  13. I suppose it could be in V.C. too, you could use the Bloodring.
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