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  1. No I want it to check if the player is already handcuffed so if they do /cuff twice it doesnt just say "officer cuffed criminal" it says "criminal is already handcuffed"
  2. now there is no point in my script, it is suppose to tell my cuff script if a player is cuffed, like if a cop does cuff twice the second tie it says player has already been cuffed and saved the officer a pair of handcuffs
  3. function isPlayerCuffed(other) local other, name = exports.players:getFromName( other ) if (other) then local test = getControlState(other, jump) outputDebugString("other not found") if test then return true end end return false end always returns false, i have a command that uses /cuff that toggles the control of jump and /uncuff enables jump again, however when you use /uncuff it says theier already uncuffed even when jump is disabled..... any ideas??
  4. I know it's like an object mover but how can I go about starting one just need a few tips guys just need a starting point een reading wiki nonstop just need someone with a little more experiance
  5. How can i get the faction rank of a player in mta paradise and use the result that's received. exports.factions:getFactionRank? I am not sure been looking around can;t find anything
  6. well I haven't been on Valhalla for a while but I was playing the other day and noticed when your about to perform a drive by the window rolls down and after searching wiki I was wondering if there was a function I missed...hows Valhalla do it then if it's impossible?
  7. How can I script car windows to roll up or down for realistic traits for my rp for drivebys ect.?
  8. local data = { } local function notify( element, to ) -- is loaded if data[ element ] then -- support for both single and multiple users if to then to = { [ to ] = true } else to = data[ element ].subscribers end -- easier local items = data[ element ].items -- send it to every reciever for value in pairs( to ) do triggerClientEvent( value, "syncItems", value, items ) end else -- not loaded, send no items triggerClientE
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