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  1. I know it's wrong to modify other people's resources but this one is for personal purposes only, I'm not releasing it obviously and it's just for my server. Now on topic, I'm a scripting noob and I have a question, is it possible to decrease the update times to 0/real time? Like the player thingy moves every second but I'd like that to update in real-time. I know the update ratio should be somewhere but I can't find it. Thanks.
  2. Bah, hope someone spots it and fixes on the next MTA resources release.
  3. It's the normal interiors resource included in MTA. I had made custom interiors before and they worked well.
  4. I made an interior today but I'm having a problem. I can enter it but not exit, I just walk to the marker and nothing happens <interiorEntry id="ADLE" posX="1834" posY="-1293" posZ="119.5" rotation="1" dimension="0" interior="0" /> <interiorReturn refid="ADLE" posX="1837" posY="-1294" posZ="119.5" rotation="97" dimension="0" interior="0" /> Any suggestions?
  5. Not really about the graphics card. There are servers that allow mods, such as my private one and I need the stream fix because I have lots of HD mods that make the WHOLE city disappear and my graphics card is an nvidia GT 220 and in normal SA it works without a single lag and looks awesome.
  6. Hello I'm trying to restrict access to a resource on my server for admins only, how can I do this? Thanks.
  7. Hey, I'm here to ask a thing: I run a private hamachi server with some people and a forum to talk about the server, now I ask is it possible to make people register in the MTA server database when they join the IPB 3.1 board? Or show server info in the board? thanks.
  8. Sorry for the double post but now I've seen it seems to work but I got another problem. When I enter my server it says something like HTTP Code said error.
  9. I have a private MTA server running at home but some american friends get REALLY slow download speeds so I moved the resources to a folder in my site. Thing is, it still seems to load the resources from my PC (Only moved like 100 resources and console still says 300+) and the config is good I think. Here's the config: <config> <!-- This parameter specifies the name the server will be visible as in the ingame server browser and on Game-Monitor. It is a required parameter. --> <servername>Spider-Vice's MTA Server</servername> <!-- ONLY USE THIS PARAMETE
  10. Told you I was a nub. Well I just took examples from the wiki, nothing more
  11. Spider-Vice


    I made a model and I am trying to get it on game. I made the .lua file with the LoadCOL, DFF, TXD, everything and I think it's correct (I'm a script noob), so if it's not take a look: col engineLoadCOL ( string :<empirestate>/chrysler_tower.col ) txd engineLoadTXD ( string :<empirestate>/chrysler_tower.txd ) bool engineImportTXD ( chrysler_tower.txd, int 0 ) dff engineLoadDFF ( string :<empirestate>/chrysler_tower.dff, int 0 ) Now I made the meta.xml file with everything as on the Dev Wiki. Now when I start my resource it says it can't parse the meta.xml... Why? And an
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