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  1. Dont u guys have ur own site why r u guys going off topic here this thread should be closed.
  2. {SB}Killer

    mtama bug?

    ohh so i guess dns lookup doesnt work with mta.connect either right?
  3. SEXY just great thats what i wanted U ROck
  4. {SB}Killer

    mtama bug?

    Hmm i think since ur already setting a variable %test to 0 it will not work u need to previously define what %test stands for you are setting a variable to 0 and it will not output anything. thats what i think but i dont know me not a scripter
  5. {SB}Killer

    VCO Recruting

    Yaa and every other hacker too his server is heavan for hackers...
  6. Thanks man some one needs to be stronger and abusive to hackers i dont see why not some can be strong and abuse a hacker i hope by the time he is 20 his brain also grows up. Sorry stewie but u brought this on ur self by hacking like hell/
  7. K tell me something guys is there anything in the world that is enough there lies no limit to improvements so i doubt mta blue or mta green (next release ) will be the end of it ..... So there is no word like enough in gaming....
  8. {SB}Killer


    Hmm dude what is a script editor never heard of it how it works? and why are u not online msn no more these days??
  9. I think till better mta is out people should stick with ur rpg JAX thats the best thing ever done for mta by anyone so u should be given exclusive rights on these forums.. SO thank u jax . And Ransom thanks for the nice little comment...
  10. Yaa LOL i know that dude and i doubt he can use common sense so he will posting here all the time a simple stuff thats why i asked him to poke some one on MSN but its not my forums so u guys might as well bear with him. And dude u atleast need to know what if and else loops are like how is someone gonaa know where do i change some condition ? I dont know if i could have edited any script had i not know C and no know what if and else loops do... But yaa people can grab things without knowing the meaning of but it might be hard for kids aged 13 or 12 so thats why i am suggesting to take a cou
  11. {SB}Killer


    Yup ur right and if he need to know how to script he first needs to learn copy paste how hard is that
  12. {SB}Killer


    He poked mee too much before so i blocked him and banned him and everything and i hope he doesnt poke any one else too.
  13. LOL flame you disaapoint me man . YOu are no more in our clan and i dont know how come i missed this post. Well now u can recruit for CE members all u want. Thanks for Key u provided and in return u got ur mta server but now all is lost. Later dude nice meeting you.
  14. Ok dude dont u have someones msn who knows scripting why are u posting such things here ? i remember when i started from 0 knowledge i didnt post no where to get help but msned people and bugged them posting sovles nothing. plus if u wana edit scripts u frist need to know little C and what are if elseif loops and what is the meaning of { and } ,so if u dont know what are those your might just as will use premade scripts intead of trying to ask where and how to copy. YOU copy in whatever script ur running PERIOD
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