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  1. I think the shoutcast radio owns all. And if there is mta based radio's, then there could be a connection-a-magiger-chat or w/e its called thingy so people can request songs while in game.
  2. About loosing health whne you hit your team, what if your teammate is a jerk like you, and while you unloading m4 ammo and frags at an enemy, he jumps in the way, killing you.
  3. Evo


    This is something thats realy small, but what be nifty to see. I always like going into first person view when I ride passanger in mta, except its the drivers first person, I think you guys should try and add something small to add different fp views for each passanger seat. Nothing big, but it would be neat. ..o wait, and mouse viewing, so you can turn your guys head while in a car with the mouse to look around and out the windows..thatsa little much, but it would be neto.
  4. ..You would need 2 PC's, Nvidia already released that its imposible to work 2 game pads into San Andreas, functioning at the same time, If you have 2 game pads, plug them in, run San Andreas, and only one will work. As for Sa-2p But why would you want 2 player on 1 computer? [Pc=Personal Computer] Just get Sa-2p, or MTASA, or Sa-Mp[holy sh*t alot of acronyms] and hook up with your online girlfriend there, that way she wont have to come to your house and disapoint you when she wont let your character run into hers very fast. Holy shiznet Sa-2p sounds dope, with peds and story mode. I can't
  5. Im glad to see nmcie responses, and as for the classes thing, i think id be better if people wernt rated, if the gangs just choose whos on top and whos on the bottom. **edit** Even if mta only holds 32 max, thats 6 five person gangs So like Cops, mafia, Gee's, mexicans, bikers of sumthing like that.
  6. First off I need to apologize for my first post about ideas. Anyways back to the idea: Because of the ability for mods in Blue, I think the best server would be a Gang/Mafia type server. I do not mean a clan server, but one server filled with 5 or 6 small gangs, like mafias, gangstas, and the odd solo person. This had been done before, but my version is completly different, because it does use the ability to mod: The game revolve around assets and properties for gangs. Each gang starts with a small property, like the "Police" get the Cop Station, a Mafia could get the Hotel, Army holds the
  7. What does bumping mean? I'm sorry but im retarded. And can a mod delete or lock this topic.. I feel embarassed over it T.T I know im a noob.. and this was a bad start
  8. damn that kina sux, i was so hoping that you could have your own player model, im kinda sick of the models now lol
  9. Thnx eai, so mods wont be client side, it just loads the admins mod set.. tahts cool, but what about player models, can you load your own player model, cus if so im gunna work hard on mine
  10. I searched, and looked around the site, so when i comes to modding, will that only be client side, or will it load the mod into the game.. because wouldnt that mess up when say one person is driving a cheetah thats one car, and someelse has a cheetah another car. And does that mean you can have your own player model
  11. Some of this stuff may have been posted previously, but i didnt go through the entire topic so i wouldnt know Well one big thing that would make the game more interesting would be everything/nearly everything syncronized, traffic lights, music, and my next thing I, and i bet alot of other people would like to see.. Pedestrians. Wouldnt the game be alot funner if you could hide within a crowd, and BAM take out the enemy. Now there are alot of servers that have user name registration and rpg type themes, so why dont you start something to register your user on all servers, bring all your mone
  12. I think you should be able to load your own skin before you spawn, so you can show off your style and look good shootin the hell out of peeps. Btw I just started playing mta.. best mod ever, makes gta the best online game, its crazzy
  13. Iv played alot of flash games before that had a radio stream through it, so you should make a mod that allows you to access a radio stream, possibly ran by you guys, that goes through the game just like the mp3s. It would be neat to listnin to the same thing as everyone esle your trying to kill, but a variety instead of the gta radio.
  14. Yeah but some people reely get into there games and its nice to look how you want.
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