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  1. Its sad that this clan has been so inactive. ACK died because of inactivity, and people moving on to other clans. If we were a lot more active, I wouldn't have to close ACK, so for now I will join VCK. I need to change my username though, cause it has ACK in it. Request Lock
  2. I originally created these screenshots to show my friends at school MTA, just thought i'd post it here.
  3. Screen shot gta3 airport, all the roads and most of the grass near the airport was chrome! Guess it didn't load the textures.
  4. lol yeah, I was thinking about that, MTA 0.5.1 being released before I get my comp back, gah, the thrill of the first few hours on it, and I might miss it , Yeah the motherboard is being replaced.
  5. wow, I see what you mean...but try and put more effort into it. You can't start a new clan and expect just anyone to join, you have to make yourself known, the way i think about it, getting known is really not about advertisement, it's more on how much you are active to mta and how well you play(somewhere around them lines). But anyways GL reaper.
  6. Well, my motherboard is shot and I had to send my pc in to get it repaired, Fedex came and picked it up today so I wont be on MTA for like 2 weeks.
  7. Anti Car Killerz . =/ Lol and I forgot to change the name up there oopsy.
  8. lol yes, and pickups all over
  9. wow nice screenies, um in the photo where quig is black, um in the back it looks like there is two pedestrians walkign along the sidewalk, im not sure what it is so... nice update
  10. =D , I don't approve of just one island, there is a place in the Hoods spawn where cars cannot enter, and what most n00bs wont know how to get into too
  11. it's as simple as this, a car tries to kill you then you shoot them, heh. You don't kill them when you shoot them unless they are stupid and stay in the car while it is on fire.....
  12. [ACK]Blaze

    Caught on Tape!

    ok ok, d8cam, as I see that you hate the server so much why do you come back? Why the hell was you in the server like a few minutes ago as "doak", If you hate it that much stay out of it.........
  13. LMAO, I wonder what people would do If they didn't read the white text, very nice. made it seem real.
  14. [ACK]Blaze

    Caught on Tape!

    Ok first off, I see that you do not like ACK, as for the comment here, [3/28/2005 05:00] Cruiser: you all should change your gang name to WACK "we arent car killers" Cruiser=D8cam [3/28/2005 05:01] MP5:VCK: cruiser what do you have against ack? and as for vtec pausing... ( 8:26:21) ---> Cruiser: VTEC ( 8:26:23) ---> Cruiser: you paused ( 8:26:28) ---> Cruiser: vtec man ( 8:26:49) ---> Cruiser: bullshit man, i got you down to 15% and you pause ( 8:26:52) ---> Cruiser: thats bull ( 8:27:08) ---> Cruiser: i got video of it, check it out on mta forums later, bye um, lets see, you hate ACK and VTEC this much you will stalk him under random names just to watch him do something, or mess up? Your obsessive dude.......
  15. lol, can't watch it for some reason.....
  16. I have looked but i have no vehicke.dff
  17. no, I know I have the 3d window, but the cars show up as plain and the oly part that shows up is the flat surface on the top and buttom of the car in the 3d veiwer, am I importing the right files?
  18. I have Zanoza, but when I import car files, they show up as likes but flat surfaces, is there a way to veiw them as they should be and edit them with it, I haven't found out I import vehicles.col and they look like lines, only the top part and the bottom show as flat lines.
  19. does anyone know a program where you can mod cars for gta3 and gta VC?
  20. I accept, but have to contact my members... eh heh
  21. ok ok......now I get that alot of times, like if I am inMTA and connected to a server and I am browsing around in the forums and click on an image that leads me to Imageshack, once I am connected to the imageshack I get kicked from the server immediately "Suspected trainer usage" but I have found out why, imageshack and some other websites can be filtered as "Trainers", to solve this problem (what works for me) go into your internet browser and click on tools and go to options, from there delete all the cookies and temp internet files, and clear the history and then you should be able to play, still if not try and restart your computer and see if it works after you did this. This seems to work with me well.
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