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  1. lol? look on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: rotfl
  2. Guru(RP)*


    How to take off subnetban?
  3. i createing that shit using MySQL Interface for mIRC v1.3 but i still had a prblems ;/
  4. Guru(RP)*

    car models

    we all still waiting for blue from a long time...
  5. u can legally download this song on http://www.overplay.co.uk/BandMusics/Landlockedmp3.mp3
  6. Guru(RP)*

    HLEP last time plz

    and download new mtama
  7. .:: CLAN NEWS ::. 02.07.05 RP vs HOT: 2-1 to HOT
  8. finish do mtavc!! and then go to do sa
  9. is can't to do that without mta netcode?
  10. I look for some scripts which it detects players area automatically and does something in dependence from position
  11. yep, btw RP vs XG EUNA match 2:1 for RP
  12. and nex time first use "Search"
  13. Hello, we recruting!! (if someone forgot )
  14. heh, use "find" before u ask
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