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  1. lol ! that was a rumor witch every one used to say , but i insure you , it is not right at all , money can buy any one\thing
  2. thanks benx , well yeh we found 2 so far , and you are welcome to join us nice ! zonmbie servers are cool and DD-DM racing too hope you the best
  3. Hey XX3 ! ! Nice to hear from you again ! nah man i wont be arrogant ! And about not asking for scripters , i think that topic dose not include my , becuse now there are 2 guys joined us since i posted the post , less than 24 hours ! The are so friendly and kind ! keep the good job dude see you soon !
  4. Hello Guys ! Remember Me ? Yeh ! I Asked For A Guy To Help Us Making New Scripts Long Time Ago ! And Unlucky All The Responds Was Discouraging ! But Look At Us Now ! We Are the 18th Server In The Whole MTA ! Yep ! We Are In The Best 20 Servers Of MTA ! So I Would Like To Thank The Guys Who Helped Us At That Time , Thank You So Much ! Now I Have A Great Friend And Partner Who Helps Us In The Scripting ! But At The Main Time He Have College , So He Take A Break Of The Scripting . . . So , If Any One Would Like To Join Us , As A Scripter , Feel Free To Talk To Me At The Server Email : hsn
  5. Hey guys ! Omg this post is so old ! any way , i want to thank every one who helped us when we needed the help so much ! and tell those who said the server wont make it , and it will die , etc . . . that the server today is better than others witch are existed 3 years before us . So thank you so much every one , and you can take a look at the server statics at this link http://www.game-monitor.com/mta_GameSer ... 24__7.html and if any one would like to join us and help , he is most welcome . Take care every one !
  6. LOL Dude ! Our server , die ? LOL ! r u serious ? its gettign better and better thanks for the wonderful dude who joined us , and became a partner with us , hop god bless him , so any way , if you are not here for joining us , i suggest you to get some real thing to do ....
  7. man , iam trying to , but we realy need someone this time , and we have good offers for him
  8. yeh man sure ! welcome with us and if there any one else come on
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