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  1. Hi, I use Norton Antivirus, and he say my MTAclient.exe is infected See the symantec page about this : http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/bloodhound.morphine.html
  2. Thanks a lot for yours Councils Fu, I think we will have a discussion with other membres of clan. Usually we haven't problems in matchs, we try to stay Fairplay as much possible.But it'snt every time simple . So i'm going to do a poll in our forums ^^
  3. It's at the REF to say the GO. In rules, we do wait the GO of the REF for begin ! Ruigy don't say this, so the round hadn't begins !
  4. Ruigy sayd never the "go" Blood sayd "attender" before UVA sayd ready, in french, attender is wait, you are english, so F2V sayd {FsK}*f`2\/*: wait. More, Ruigy sayd never go, UVA attack and Ruigy dont sayd go, it is strange ...
  5. Yeah, it's a good idea. In match, I sayd to the REF : "he had sg before anyone die" and the Ref answer : u dunno any buggs in mta? Nop, i dont know the bug which gives shotguns. But i know now Euna is modded, and its the last time we play in EUNA !
  6. Cortez boat isn't reatachable by foot, you need a car for the jump ! But in FsK's base, you don't need car, only jumping with your foot, so it's reatachable by foot. In the real life, what do you use for jumping ? Your foot See you soon
  7. Hi dudes, FsK will be in EUNA, The leader is F2V, BloOD, and me. It's a French clan But, our base is allowed or not ? Hangars Escobar, it's reatachable by foot ! See you soon
  8. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR............ So , AFTER THE GO, if you crashed, you don't respawn... Ok? Now, read this http://koti.mbnet.fi/shadow0/FsK.txt It's notice : Liquid sayd he has crashed... And he respawn just after, he say "googogoggoog" and after, he is killed by Blood dead just after by Jettis.... Also, he BREAK one rule and the match MUST BE CANCELED!!!!Or it's 3-0 for us, this you agree not
  9. So....I say not we win the match, but the MFC won not the match... Why? Because Liquid broke one rules... Liquid has crashed after the GO and also while the battle... And this is notice in the rules of the MFC...Read This http://koti.mbnet.fi/shadow0/Filet/rules2.txt Every body know if crach, it's a kill and not respawn... Liquid has spawned after his crach... But the MFC create their rules... So, I think the match MUST be canceled Sorry for my english, i speak fluently French lol
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