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  1. Why do you lock topics about other mods like GGM and GTA3T? I thought this was the bit where people can talk about other none MTA mods.
  2. I think good, but i don't mind about the private thing, cos it'd be cool either way! I'm just after a decend, good, simple, easy mp3 merger to do, but everyone i find needs ya to be a maths expert to understand!
  3. If you have a proper version it shouldn't say "unknown version"
  4. Do you have something against retards now Iggy boy? If so why aren't you callin ya self one dog boy.
  5. I care, so your wrong there!
  6. Sorry for my lack of makein sense, but if ya dont understand then tough!!! but i thought these would be kinda cool, some are probably already mentioned. - Gone in 60 Seconds - Not same as the film, but you have to steal a certain amount of a certain car and bring it back to ya base. - Speed - One person drives a bus and others have to make him slow downbetween 50mph, or everybody drives a bus and last person to survive wins. - Police - You have to arrest as many people as you can within a certain time limit, the person with more arrests wins. - Crazy Taxi - You have to pick us a many
  7. I think ya should ban him anyway, just to give us all a laugh while the guys make the mod!
  8. I'd think it'd be harder if ya removed 5-70% of the vehicles cos how is the other team gunna get a car to ram the bus or chase it?
  9. Plus theres no realism in cheatin and Iggy number 5 is that a picture of a dog under ya name, it'd make sense if it was
  10. All the features of it are all over place in different topics, so its kinda hard, but i'll have a browse.
  11. Well we'll soon... eventualy find out! Also if ya dont have to press ALT+F2 like ya said and they have a stable version im pretty sure it'll keep rockin and get more fans!
  12. Me too, but all we can do is sit and wait. It would be really cool tho. All im bothered about most is a nice stable version that doesn't crash everytime and that lets me connect! also none of that gettin in a car and pressin ALT+F2 or somet so that others can have the vehicle and last but not least, able to get out of a car and into another car. I should really bulletpoint points to make it clear!
  13. Don't blame Mr. Bill cos you don't like people who are gay!
  14. Never said he was gay, i said he's homophobic meanin dont like gay people.
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