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  1. Ahh you released the map! Nice, i contact you on MSN.
  2. I posted that before MAD_BOY cleaned up the topic, caspar806. New screens: http://img142.imageshack.us/my.php?image=m...reen00015bs.jpg http://img142.imageshack.us/my.php?image=m...reen00026up.jpg
  3. Can somebody remove this crap!!
  4. RTS

    Rocky Pass 2

  5. QuBi [QB], http://www.qubi.nl , likes to have Bayside Area and Four Dragons Casino. [QB]RTS
  6. RTS


    New Dingy Falls record http://img93.imageshack.us/my.php?image ... rts6el.jpg BTW are you also gonna add new races..? Or are this maps specially selected?
  7. My record is still wrong!! Its not distance but rotation!
  8. Damn sick tricks. Amazing! I like the grinding.
  9. Damn almost broken my rotation record But my record is still wrong, must be rotation not distance
  10. MTA 0.5 Nitro Stunts Distance: 15863 - RTS <-- Must be a rotation record not Distance! Height: 47416 - Gamefreek Rotation: 10624 - Gamefreek <--- Flips: 37 - Gamefreek RTS
  11. RTS

    QuBi MTA Stuntclan [QB]

    New member: [QB]kori From Sweden
  12. ^ l l l HellO? is this a new record? Or not.
  13. That looks great! Hopefully the release is soon.
  14. RTS

    QuBi MTA Stuntclan [QB]

    We've a stuntingserver. It's public but our home. Sort of sponsoring But thnx I'm gonna check it.
  15. It's a new stuntclan. QuBi I think there are not many stuntclans, so I've made one. It's a dutch clan. (Still) Tag: [QB] Members: [QB]RTS (Leader) [QB]Prophet (Co-Leader) [QB]TubS [QB]Ironfist [QB]Fuz!0r [QB]Mazzeltje We've also a Enemy Territory clan More info: http://www.qubi.nl (Under Construction)
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