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  1. If ppl do not buy the game they wont make it will they
  2. this is annoyin it was workin this mronin but not now i have reinstalled game and reinstalled mta but i still got that error
  3. It was workin perfect yesterday and this mornin but its not workin now its that bloody error
  4. I agree with u its a great idea
  5. Uzi

    run and fire

    I like that idea because its just crap if i cant run and shoot than kinda makes the game crap its good but if the correct this it would be 100%
  6. Uzi

    Car Killing

    i voted 4 Good suggestions. I Like! sounds like a great idea
  7. What kinda servers stunt or deathmatch?
  8. wht songs u want mate ? btw ppl do buy it
  9. hi guys i wonder if u can help ever time i go on a server a click connect it goes on game then chuckes me off the game . A Error comes up it says Suspected trainer usage I hope u lot can help to get rid of this error Thanks Uzi
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