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  1. i'd say it already is popular.... and like Turd Ferguson said, it will be over-run by offensive signs, offensive images etc. good idea, but, it just wouldnt work
  2. do you have any other version other than 1.0? becuse MTA only works on San Andreas V1.0
  3. i think its something to do with the Alt-Tab thing, because i cant do it either
  4. it is protected in the Anti-Cheat, ive tryed
  5. Here are some screens from Laggy's map! Enjoy! ps: i have a crap comp, so excuse the crap GFX
  6. it might be the rcon, my friend doesnt have me as an admin in the server, ill ask him about it soon thanks
  7. yeh, you ever played in single player? if you die in a car, your blood falls on the ground where you died
  8. i done what you said man, but it still doesnt work. ive done the walkthrough in detail, ive done "!set" etc, and nothing comes up, so i try "!commands" and nothing comes up! anything?
  9. the script dont work on my friends server, does he need to have the script on his computer to make it work? or just through me using mIRC?
  10. lookin' good laggy ps: check your PMs
  11. yeh man, it sucks when people do that, and then say that they are cool. just ignore them, and leave them to their nooby selfs
  12. Yeh man, we played the beta, and it was looking damn good! the cross roads idea was a gone one, and the fall was looking even better!
  13. i'd say no barrels, people would die, and say its a crap map. but the screens are lookin good so far!
  14. yes, do another, the last one was great fun!
  15. it happened to me, i was on my friends server, just me and him, and we were in boats, we fell from a great height (far up in the sky) and i landed nose first into the water, instantly, that same screen came up, like it was on fire. i asked my friend about it and he says that its a graphics problem, i have a crappy computer (Dell ) , mabye that has anything to do with it?
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