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  1. Yeh, IPB admin is very annoying. It's crammed up and you can not find what you need to find to edit easily. phpBB is one of best free messageing boards.
  2. Actaully, phpBB is the easiest messaging board to hack. You look at some big webistes which use phpBB and there hacking exploits are over 6000. IPB is more secure tho. There is also tools which let you convert all members and posts to IPB. I wouldn't delete all the posts of the MTA forum as many of them contain very useful information.
  3. I didn't know what was wrong with it in first place.
  4. Forums now located at http://www.nullbot.com/forum/ This server is much faster, more space, more bandwith. Now we can host a few videos, screenshots, etc.
  5. Macromedia Dreamweaver is a very good professional program. It is expensive though. It does however allow you to do much more than a simple program like notepad.
  6. I'd say he is trying to get into a gang. He is new so I don't think he knows that this section is for gang threads not auditions for a gang.
  7. That's becuase it is my server. I will be giving out FTP access to the server when I get back from holidays. I might set it up now.
  8. Unless he has a static ip, his ip will change all the time.
  9. Do we need a new forum set up?
  10. That's a lot better now.
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