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  1. Old news, But sounds good. I'm from Australia too
  2. LoL i get it now! PWNED!
  3. My radio wont play in VC so I cant listen to anything but the Random MP3 Player in the game. Meh.
  4. This may be old, but I do like the idea of a Chinook Mod for helicopters in VC. I am currently training to fly the helicopter successfully so that I can transport anyone around VC. It would be great for Blue if there was such mod.
  5. Thats some cool stuff there. Do you know when it will actually be released? A few months or a few weeks arent very helpful
  6. Is the picture giving him head or something?
  7. Thank God I have 2 installs of it Cant wait till Blue though
  8. Hehe Waffler... Ultimate VC is Real Vice City. I dont think it was released though cause the creator of RGTA3, Petr Doupal, scrapped it. Not sure why though
  9. Vicer/Spitfire

    EM is a new clan

    I'll visit it. See wat it is...