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  1. 1. Insult to the memory of Wheelman. 2. No warez.
  2. I'm now running XP on my Desktop and Vista on my Laptop, so I suppose my first post is outdated. Vista seems pretty handy, especially the widgets sidebar.
  3. It wouldn't be the same really, you'd need to use a plane that was similar in physical movement to the one in GTAIII. Also the Dodo in SA doesn't speed up as much as the GTAIII one. I have my doubts over the weapons though, I'm sure the flamethrower wasn't really used back in the day and it was mainly the other guns.
  4. A. Yes. Q. Give them any items that they might need?
  5. A. Having sex with a pie, probably. Q. Send Gotham to check on him?
  6. A. No. Q. Should BrophY take part in an apple bobbing contest?
  7. A. Nein. Q. Should Paul and/or Brophy be apart of Kid Nation?
  8. Continuously carkilling that muthafucka Flare in GTA3:MTA 0.5. Ahh, funny cause he was actually trying to fight people, especially Slothman and there I was standbying in a Yakuza Stinger ready to roll out Oh, and there was also the DodoBus:
  10. You'd be using your 1337 Russian h4x. >_> *runs*
  11. Psht Oli. Suppose I'll wait for VRocker's GTAIII MP Mod.
  12. Afraid so, pal. viewtopic.php?f=9&t=14526
  13. What does your SM stand for? As far as I'm concerned, there's already a clan out there called [sM]. Anyway, good luck with your clan!
  14. Yep. Happened today in Sydney, more protests around the world to come over the next few hours or so. Unless those have already finished. Check these out:
  15. RBOMB talking about the birds and the bees to a little kid who kept arguing with me, Posty, and others. [17:15] bigo1234, BZZZZZZZZZZZ TWEEET QUACK [17:16] QUACK QUACK HONK HONK BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT [17:16] bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz shut the fuck up [17:16] bigo1234 go fuck your self with.............ummmm Spitfire [17:16] rofl [17:16] * kenny01 has quit IRC (Ping timeout) [17:17] bigo1234 go fuck your self with.............ummmm Fedor [17:17] anyways bigo1234, i think its time we havea talk [17:17] fixed [17:17] when a man and a woman love eachother [17:17] the man sticks his penis into the womans mouth [17:17] and from there she sucks eagerly [17:17] then she turns around [17:17] fuck u i hate his guts he hates my and i dont swing that way [17:17] and hte man puts it into [17:18] the womans vagina [17:18] * Oogie has joined #mta [17:18] where she and him fuck vigerously [17:18] ur fucked [17:18] after 2 weeks (about) [17:18] LOL [17:18] the woman calls up the man [17:18] and asks [17:18] if he wore a "Condom" [17:18] put that word into your volcabulary [17:18] lol RBOMB [17:18] haha [17:18] and when he says no [17:19] she tells him [17:19] stick it in my booty [17:19] that she is infact pregnate (to have a living organism growing inside your womb) [17:19] after about 9 months [17:19] this "baby" [17:19] i always use a comdom whan im fucking a chick [17:19] comes out of the womans vagina [17:19] * ZiGGY wants what R*BOMB's smoking [17:19] and there' [17:20] ZiGGY: iDosed [17:20]