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  1. Vicer/Spitfire

    Patriot jumping - GTA3:MTA 0.5

    It took us a couple of hours. We practiced the angle the Patriot must face then pretty much perfected it... then we found an easier way to get to that platform haha.
  2. Vicer/Spitfire


    Would love to hit up GTA3:MTA once again.
  3. Vicer/Spitfire

    Patriot jumping - GTA3:MTA 0.5

    Featuring Mikiro, Spitfire, and Xanarki of the legendary Vice City Killaz.
  4. Vicer/Spitfire


    Did this actually go down or what? If so, I can't believe I missed it
  5. Vicer/Spitfire

    [MC] Merry Christmas clan -were back-

    Few years and three weeks late, what the fuck is up guys!
  6. Vicer/Spitfire

    y helo thar
  7. Vicer/Spitfire

    3 Words Topic

  8. Vicer/Spitfire

    Who's Soulja Boy's best friend?

    GTFO pal.
  9. Vicer/Spitfire

    Count with photos!

  10. Vicer/Spitfire

    SA-MP Was Shut Down.

    Then why the bloody hell did you post in it for? Hmph.
  11. Vicer/Spitfire

    The Official Quote Wall

  12. Vicer/Spitfire


    Pretty sure we need another GTA3:MTA 0.5 field day.
  13. Vicer/Spitfire

    Kill the above poster in the MTA Way

    Vicer/Spitfire killed :Rob. (Soy Sauce Overdose)
  14. Vicer/Spitfire


    Are we still alive or what?