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  1. I play BF2 and that vid is friken awesome I can fly better though
  2. its on youtube too ;O https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9otiBETQZ8g&search=MTa
  3. very cool i like how mad_boy in one of the screenies says he forgets to actually aim at the person now
  4. PORTUGAL!!! Ronaldos Twinkle Toes will poon joo all!!1
  5. most likely a fake one then or else uninstall and manually delete the file or else like i said its a fake one.
  6. when did u lot play UVA? and 7 matches in 1 day?
  7. u need the first to download the game support plugin
  8. i can have my xfire sayin playin MTA San Andreas cause of a little mod i found for it
  9. Xfire does support it, ive played with it on before EDIT:ok crash after 10 seconds witout xfire on...
  10. [UVA]BuLLiT


    If you count cheaters flying over your screen with it: >99,99%. If you dont count those with it: <0,01% flying on foot or in a car?
  11. Ceoz.... Nub lol Found in English section
  12. hahha that was quality man gotta hand it to them and that girl was crap We were meant 2 be.
  13. [UVA]BuLLiT


    Wots WoW like is there tanks, humvees, Guns, SRAW, APCs, Artilery Strikes, Supplies, a commander laying arty strikes while u cap a flag, promotion, unlocking of new weapons, respawning, planes, AA, teamkillers, n00bs, squad leaders or helis? or do u just fish for an hour in the 'game' to catch fish to eat?
  14. I didn't lose much luckily, but its still a pain Never had a hard disk go up in smoke, they tend to just crash and die... Dont leave yr PC on all day? But good to see a few fixes left
  15. wow that sucks man, so is the clan finished right?
  16. dont forget the syncing of the auto locking of the hydras plz
  17. BUMP PC Format Jax's mod was placed in the pc format magazine, thanks goes to dysper for the screenie
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