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  1. I play BF2 and that vid is friken awesome I can fly better though
  2. its on youtube too ;O https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9otiBETQZ8g&search=MTa
  3. very cool i like how mad_boy in one of the screenies says he forgets to actually aim at the person now
  4. PORTUGAL!!! Ronaldos Twinkle Toes will poon joo all!!1
  5. most likely a fake one then or else uninstall and manually delete the file or else like i said its a fake one.
  6. when did u lot play UVA? and 7 matches in 1 day?
  7. u need the first to download the game support plugin
  8. i can have my xfire sayin playin MTA San Andreas cause of a little mod i found for it
  9. Xfire does support it, ive played with it on before EDIT:ok crash after 10 seconds witout xfire on...
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